Other Custom edge gestures

  1. RRigamondi
    Donut Mar 6, 2020

    RRigamondi , Mar 6, 2020 :
    Screenshot_20200306-214623.jpg As a rooted user, in the past year I've grown particularly fond of the Xposed Edge app, integrating it in my every day use of my device for quicker access to useful stuff. This app creates a thin strip (30-50px) around all the edges of the screen that can be interacted with without conflicting with full screen gestures, basically swiping your fingers half on the screen and half off the screen.
    It would be a great addition to make Oxygen more customizable and allow for a faster use experience.
    Because of Android 10's gestures it would have to be more limited than the app, so all system gestures (which basically consist in swiping towards the center of the screen) would have to be unchanged and unchangeable.
    The free estate of gestures includes swiping left and right at the very bottom edge, swiping up and down on the sides of the screen, and a long press in the middle of the bottom edge (similarly to a software or hardware home key).
    Of course these gestures would have to be fully customizable and the user should be able to manually activate or deactivate each one of them if they find them useful or if they create an annoyance to them. The gestures should allow to launch shortcuts, features, and apps chosen by the user. A great option for power users could be also granting the possibility of creating custom broadcast intents to be assigned to these gestures, to work with automation apps like Tasker or Automate. Customizable gestures are already a thing with off screen gestures so I don't see why not.