ROM Custom ROMs for the OnePlus One [Updated April 15]

  1. Sirs0ri Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 10, 2014

    Sirs0ri, Apr 10, 2014 :
    I was wondering, what Custom ROMs (other than CyanogenMod) will be ported to the OnePlus One.. So i started asking around a bit.
    In this thread, I will collect a list of all the Custom ROMs that will be available, including as much information as possible.

    I´m sure, there will be plenty of ROMS, since @Carl confirmed, that the partnership with CM doesn´t mean, that CyanogenMod will be the only available ROM.

    Source (Is it possible, that you confirm that here, too, please?)

    If you´d like to see a ROM on the list, leave a comment down below (if possible including some kind of proof, that there will be someone to maintain it) and I´ll add it to the list!

    Also, forummember @viraaj11 is going to start building CWM and porting ROMs as soon as possible! Make sure to visit to his thread HERE and vote for the ROM you´d like to see on the OnePlus One!
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  2. Sirs0ri Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 10, 2014

    Sirs0ri, Apr 10, 2014 :
    Available/confirmed ROMs

    so far, list will be updated as soon as new roms are announced;
    Scroll down for requested and unsupported ROMs

    CyanogenMod 11S - obviously, maintained by CyanogenMod themselves (ver. 11S mentioned here)
    ParanoidAndroid - Available at xda!
    MAHDI-ROM - Available at xda!
    HyperDroidAOXP - Will be maintained by forum member @kristofpetho as soon as he gets a device
    The Schism - I´m currently in contact with one of the Devs, will be ported and "officially" supported, as soon as the sources are available
    X-POWER - Will be maintained by forum member @smaberg

    Requested ROMs
    MIUI - Homepage - Google+ (community) - Facebook

    Carbon Rom - Homepage - Google+ (community) - xda Developers

    NamelessROM - Homepage - Google+ community - xda Developers

    PAC - Homepage - Google+ (community) - xda Developers

    SlimRom - Homepage - Google+ (community) - xda Developers

    AOKP - Homepage - Google+ (community) - xda Developers

    ROMs we won´t see soon
    Viper - unlikely, since Viper only supports HTC phones. (Reference)

    OmniROM - It became pretty unlikely that we´ll see OmniROM on our "bacon" soon, since apparently nobody of the developers is interested in getting a One. (


    FrancoKernel - Available at xda!

    ClockWorkMod - forummember @viraaj11 has built CWM for the OPO! Get it here at xda!
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  3. clayginn Jelly Bean Apr 10, 2014

    clayginn, Apr 10, 2014 :
    Is there another ROM other than CyanogenMod. Sorry I've been rooted stock or CyanogenMod for the past 4+ years and 5 different phones.

  4. Sirs0ri Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 10, 2014

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  5. Raikon_N Gingerbread Apr 10, 2014

    Raikon_N, Apr 10, 2014 :
    I personally prefer Paranoid Android, hope 1+ will provide them with one. That would be fantastic.

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  6. _ASSASSIN_ Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 10, 2014

    _ASSASSIN_, Apr 10, 2014 :
    I actually want to stick with cyanogen unless these ROMs use the OnePlus One's version of Cyanogen as a base.

  7. Huck33 Honeycomb Apr 10, 2014

    Huck33, Apr 10, 2014 :
    i agree.
    but that is the good thing is custom rom can be implemented too.

  8. Andrew Z Honeycomb Community Expert Apr 10, 2014

    Andrew Z, Apr 10, 2014 :
    From all the custom ROMs I do prefer CM, though different options are more than welcomed.

    OnePlus Team should seriously consider giving free phones on release date to all major custom ROM developers. Such an action would generate great publicity, especially in power user community, and will once again prove how user value centric is the company.

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  9. highdetalio Honeycomb Apr 10, 2014

  10. lvpl Honeycomb Apr 10, 2014

    lvpl, Apr 10, 2014 :
    it's an interesting thread.

    I don't know CyanogenMod yet but it seems to be a nice ROM.

    So why do you like to have another ROMs ? is it better than CyanogenMods ? Could you please give some explanations and the reasons ?

  11. highdetalio Honeycomb Apr 10, 2014

    highdetalio, Apr 10, 2014 :
    i really enjoy ParanoidAndroid on my old GalaxyNexus. Amazing rom :)

  12. puma95 Jelly Bean Moderator Apr 10, 2014

    puma95, Apr 10, 2014 :
    I hope for Carbon Rom and HellsCore Kernel, which I use at the moment. :)
    I just couldn't use my phone without the sweep2wake/sleep feature :D

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  13. infernowheels Jelly Bean Apr 10, 2014

    infernowheels, Apr 10, 2014 :
    I'd probably stick to CM11S for the One, but having NamelessROM, OmniROM and PAC rom as options would be great~!

  14. Sirs0ri Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 10, 2014

    Sirs0ri, Apr 10, 2014 :
    I´ve asked in the Omni-Community about supporting the OPO and the answer i got was "give me the phone and I´ll maintain it immediatly".. So I guess, we´ll have to wait and hope someoe gets it soon enough^^

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  15. X-RAM Honeycomb Apr 10, 2014

    X-RAM, Apr 10, 2014 :
    I am on Viper since it first came out for the HTC One S and never wanted to change to any other rom!
    I was going to buy the M8 (especially because I want Sense/Viper) but 1+One beats the M8 in every category (except rom). So 1+One with Viper would be overkill!

  16. talk2ekpa Donut Apr 10, 2014

  17. Sirs0ri Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 10, 2014

    Sirs0ri, Apr 10, 2014 :
    I´ll see, if i get an answer about building a ROM for the OPO!

  18. fabripav Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 10, 2014

    fabripav, Apr 10, 2014 :
    You can personalize on MIUI more than you can with other ROMs? Really?

  19. scy1192 Honeycomb Apr 11, 2014

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  20. someonesim Honeycomb Apr 11, 2014

    someonesim, Apr 11, 2014 :
    As long time PA supporter, yeah. However given that CM been working with One+ for OPO, it should perform best with all hardware of OPO.

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