Customer service.. Happy with it!!

  1. prthathi Eclair Jan 13, 2016

    prthathi, Jan 13, 2016 :
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    Ok... I know most people would be super surprised at reading this thread, seeing the immense bashing their customer service takes in the forums. But let's give them credit where they earned it. That's why I m creating this thread. I m happy with their service... Fr them, this appreciation is well earned...

    I have owned a oneplus one for an year now and while I m not a hardcore fan, I m pretty impressed with the phone, the os and the efforts the company is making... While their phones have been undeniably great, most people tend to associate oneplus with bad customer care. I had my first interaction with the customer care a week back, and here's my review...

    For some reason my battery had started acting crazy, with random shutdowns without even being fully discharged at around 5-10% battery left... I went to the service center in Ahmadabad, India. Weirdly, the center had relocated and the website had the wrong address and i had to spend some extra effort tryjng to reach the right place. I had expected the waiting time and the whole interaction to take at least a few hours, but in 15 minutes I had talked to an agent and they were very happy to replace my battery...

    Now even with Sony and Samsung, any service work other than a mere software update usually takes at least a day or two but I needed to leave the city that night and the guy happily arranged for my work to be done on a priority basis even though he had to stay back after his official hours... Kudos!!!!

    More so, in the last week or so, I have already received two calls (I missed the first one) from their service team about my experience and if I had any follow up problems... Nice job...

    May be I am an exception, or may be the people who unfortunately got a bad service tend to be more vocal.. But, in my opinion...

    Accessibility of service center - 4/10 (update your online address book guys.... Seriously)
    Helpfulness of the employee - 10/10
    Quality of repair - 9/10
    And for overall effort of the team - 9/10

    Overall... Good job oneplus... U r making an effort for your customers... Thank you.. proud of u....
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  2. Versed Honeycomb Jun 25, 2019

    Versed, Jun 25, 2019 :
    I recently bought a OP7 Pro with extended protection plan, never got the plan in the mail, I called OP service with almost no wait. The agent gave me another number to call who handles the plan. I called them, again almost no wait, the agent . (except for bad connection) Was very helpful and within minutes had the protection plan added to the phone. Turned out I had an email sent to me with the confirmation numbers to activate the plan, information entered, phone protected. Whatever reason, or didn't see the email from the protection service provider nor a package they claimed was shipped and received, Don't care don't need more boxes and crap around the house, just the phone protected.. Many people complain (and most valid) about their phone. But I wanted just to post something positive about their service and was amazed I didn't have to wait for an agent on both numbers I had to call. Phone shows the extended and protection service and want to thank both One Plus and servify for resolving this issue.

  3. Rehan_Shaikh_Mumbaikar Cupcake Jun 26, 2019