1. DennisScholing
    Eclair Jan 4, 2015

    DennisScholing , Jan 4, 2015 :
    How about battery life with AK77?

  2. T1v0
    Gingerbread Jan 4, 2015

  3. matssa
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 4, 2015

    matssa , Jan 4, 2015 :
    I did one with AK kernel (41387) and with Beoffla kernel (43340). Seems like Beoffla is better ^^

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  4. highdiver_2000
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 5, 2015

    highdiver_2000 , Jan 5, 2015 :
    I read the past few pages correctly, the WiFi and proximity sensor problems are caused by 3rd party kernel?


  5. Kyle9449
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2015

    Kyle9449 , Jan 5, 2015 :
    having problems unlocking my phone when double tap and then when i press the unlock button it doesn't unlock either so i then have to hold the power and reboot the phone...started experiencing this with 01/02 build (currently on 03)

  6. Nicodoc
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2015

    Nicodoc , Jan 5, 2015 :
    It may be the proximity sensor. Try changing "prevent accidental wake-up" in display settings and good luck!

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  7. B4kken
    Lollipop Jan 5, 2015

    B4kken , Jan 5, 2015 :
    Dirty flash? Custom kernel?

    Anything else? :) I'm running it as it comes "out of the box" right now and have no issues with anything.

  8. Ikam
    Honeycomb Jan 5, 2015

    Ikam , Jan 5, 2015 :
    Will this work with multirom if I flash it with a primary ROM?

  9. Kyle9449
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2015

    Kyle9449 , Jan 5, 2015 :
    well try it out!

    dirty flash and stock kernel...never had problems when dirty flashed so it could very well be the sensor

  10. hoovbanks96
    Donut Jan 5, 2015

    hoovbanks96 , Jan 5, 2015 :
    Is anyone else having problems loading streams on Twitch? I'm on the 04-15 build BTW. So far that's the only problem I've encountered after weeks of using this ROM as a dailydriver. Keep up the great work daleski!

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  11. fxguru77
    Jelly Bean Jan 5, 2015

    fxguru77 , Jan 5, 2015 :
    Why is antutu important for some folk's if you want a high score just tweak you're kernel settings or put you're phone in the freezer before running antutu like some people do .....
    important is the phone feeling smooth battery life .....

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  12. Kyle9449
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2015

  13. matssa
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 5, 2015

    matssa , Jan 5, 2015 :
    Looking at the commits this morning shows that they are working on the CM Updater, so I guess the nightlies are comming soon :)

    For the modem, go 3 pages before I think, someone explained what it is etc...

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  14. harpreetsinghgrover
    Donut Jan 5, 2015

    harpreetsinghgrover , Jan 5, 2015 :
    @all: I haven't installed custom ROM before, m a noob. can any pro pls mention the steps to install 4/15 build.it would be a great great help. I have a 64gb 44S with android 4.4.4 version. pls do reply and m sorry for asking such a basic question.

  15. matssa
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 5, 2015

    matssa , Jan 5, 2015 :
    First off, you need to root your phone. Beware! It will do a full wipe of your phone! (Meaning you willnlose everything on it like photos etc...). To root, look it up on Google etc...

    Next, you need to download gapps (PA is recommended). It has all the Google apps like Play Store etc... PA gives modular ones, so you can really decide what to take (I used the mini one).

    After that, you need to download the latest build from this thread (or another ROM if you want, it is the same for others).

    You also need SuperSU to have root one your phone (v2.40 works fine, older not so sure), but that isn't really needed but recommended.

    Now, put everything on your phone (rooted), then go into the recovery (TWRP), and do a factory rest ( it wipes everything except your internal data). Install the latest build through the install menu then flash (same thing as install) the gapps with SuperSu. Reboot and your good to go! (Hope I didn't forget anything but other people might fill in ;) )

  16. Trusconi
    Jelly Bean Jan 5, 2015

  17. matssa
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 5, 2015

  18. daleski75
    KitKat Jan 5, 2015

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  19. matssa
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 5, 2015

    matssa , Jan 5, 2015 :
    Ooooh yeah maybe, but not entirely cause he wants to flash this build...

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  20. harpreetsinghgrover
    Donut Jan 5, 2015

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