Camera Dark smudge in camera apps

  1. bluewest8
    Gingerbread Sep 20, 2018

    bluewest8 , Sep 20, 2018 :

    I've got an issue with a "smudge" that has apperared on any app using camera and one the photos.
    I took a photo monday morning and there was no problems. Then later in the afternoon the smudge appeared.
    The smudge only appears on 1x zoom. If I zoom to about 1,4x is dissappears of to the side. Also not visible at 2x zoom.
    I even had the lens under microscope to see if there was any visible dust under the cover. But there was nothing to see. And yes, I did clean the lens cover with a microfiber cloth.

    I have taken a photo against a white background. Please excuse the MS Paint like photo edits.

    Could this be a software issue? Or could it be dust on the lens?
    I've seen other threads with similar issues, but with no real answer.

    1xZoom.jpg 2xZoom.jpg