Network/Connectivity Data connection issue - fail to reconnect after disconnection (OP6, 8.1.0 and below)

  1. Aximili Cupcake Nov 9, 2018

    Aximili, Nov 9, 2018 :
    Sorry for posting new thread but I couldn't find anyone describing the same problem (although may be similar).

    My issue: Frequent disconnection when I am on a moving train.
    The icon would often still say 4G (ie. frozen) although I have been disconnected.
    The only way to get connection back is to reboot the phone.
    Turning on flight mode for 15-30 seconds and turning it back off doesn't work (it would only make the frozen data icon disappear and never come back).
    Occasionally the connection would come back by itself (as expected) but it is rare.

    I've had this issue since buying this OnePlus 6, all versions through to 8.1.0 (On each update I kept hoping it will be fixed, but it is never fixed. I'm reluctant to update now since it doesn't mention fixing connection issue).

    I'm in Melbourne, Australia, on Telstra network (the most reliable one).
    On my Samsung Galaxy S6, I never had any connection issue with this SIM card.
    On my Samsung Galaxy S6 with other SIM cards (not Telstra network), I've experienced disconnections, but the phone would eventually reconnect. OnePlus 6 does not do this, you have to reboot the phone.

    To summarise, there are 2 issues:
    1. Disconnections on train (not happening to other phones)
    2. Failing to reconnect

    Is there any solution to this?

  2. SolarEclipse KitKat Nov 9, 2018

    SolarEclipse, Nov 9, 2018 :
    Likely your cell connection along the path of the train isn't that great in spots.

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