Dear 2020, Thank you!

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    Starcommander , Dec 29, 2020 :
    Hey friends,
    2020 might not be the best year for most of us. From a huge pandemic to lockdown, we have seen it all. But I strongly believe 2020 happened for a reason and it taught us many lessons for our lives. As we step in 2021, I would like to share my 2020 experience within this OnePlus Community and how OnePlus made this a memorable one.

    January, 2020:​
    We entered 2020 with a great enthusiasm. Generally speaking, January is my favourite month of the year because exams are over and my birthday falls 10 days after new year celebration. This year was probably the best birthday ever. It's weird to compare 2020 with a positive adjectives but OnePlus Community made it one of the best birthday of my life. Thank you community for the best birthday!
    In the same month, registration of 3rd edition of OnePlus Open Ears Forum, Goa was started. Having zero hopes, I applied for OEF and who knew it was probably the last OnePlus India offline event of 2020.

    February, 2020(Best February ever):
    3rd February was a normal college day. Me with my buddies were gathering for lunch break. Exactly at 11:28am, I got an email notification:
    I shouted and jumped off my desk in excitement. My friends were laughing after seeing my reaction coupled with one of the most embarrassing victory dance :p It was my first solo trip to Goa and 2 night stay at a 5 star hotel. How I wish, I recorded that moment!
    However, the most daunting task was to get permission from my parents:oops: You guys have no idea what promises I had to make to flatter my parents. TLDR, they gave me the permission but on one condition, they will fly with me to Goa:oops:o_OI had to say yes to their proposal and finally got the permission to fly to Goa.

    14th February, 2020: Folks around the world celebrate Valentines day, but for me OnePlus was my valentine that day. I had a flight departing from Mumbai airport at 2:45pm. With full excitement, I packed up my OnePlus explorer bagpack and left for Goa:cool:

    The moment I landed Goa, a man with a OnePlus placard was waiting for me. I kept pinching myself, is this a dream? A placard, 5 star hotel, premium class flight ticket. This was way too unreal for me.

    Imagine, you are throned as a king for 2 days. That's exactly how OnePlus treated me at Goa. The hospitality of OnePlus is something I cannot express in words. Buffet with 50+ dishes in morning, afternoon and evening, fun activities at night coupled with coolest staff were the key highlights of OEF. Also, we got an Hands on experience of McLaren concept one 😎🤓

    I met some amazing folks at Goa and next 2 days was the most amazing experience of my life. I have so much to write about that experience, this thread might get Javascript error. But if you want to see some pictures of OEF, I am attaching them in this spoiler.







    March, 2020
    If I had to describe March in few words, it would be "The beginning of Lockdown". With schools and colleges shut, I was most active in the online world during this month. OnePlus decided to launch a new OnePlus snow bots game to promote it's 5G capabilities. Honestly, I loved this game very much despite of initial hiccups. I have to appreciate OnePlus for at least trying to bring smile to our face while the whole world was fighting this pandemic.

    This was also the month when I got invited in a special campaign of OnePlus 8 Series hoodie. I was on cloud 9 after getting that DM.

    April, 2020
    With strict Lockdown enforcements, OnePlus decided to continue with OnePlus 8 Series launch. Being very honest, 8 pro is probably the last OnePlus that ever excited me. I remember, the hoodie had arrived in my city and from next day, there was strict Lockdown measures implemented. A single day delay caused me to not participate in OnePlus 8 Series campaign :(
    Back in April, I was a noob:p. Getting a DM from a staff was a big thing for me:rolleyes: I cringe thinking about those days :p Having said that, in the period of April to June, I made few mistakes. My immature behaviour coupled with negative environment, made me drift away from OnePlus forums.

    May to June, 2020
    Firstly, I would like to apologise to everyone whom I hurted during this period:disappointed:. I was changing, I knew that. My change in behaviour affected me a lot. Many friends of OnePlus Community left me. Many folks had warned me which I overlooked. Few community folks blocked me. From a loving community member to the most hated community member, the transition was rather quick:sleepy:. All these things were affecting me. I was becoming too emotional during those days and coupled with lockdown, it was taking a toll on my health. Health of family members wasn't going good either. I was very stressed out. I decided to take a break from community. I stopped participating in all the contests, forum activities and everything. I started working on myself.

    July, 2020
    @Batman360 was very supportive during those days. One day we were having a conversation about OnePlus referrals and this is when I joined Twitter. I thought to try my luck in those things. I remember the day I got 30 referrals in a single day putting me at top position of referrals:p. I lost interest from OnePlus contests and I started enjoying twitter. Twitter was a home to so many things apart from OnePlus which I really enjoyed and the environment there was very positive.
    This was the same period when I started community interview thread but didn't find the motivation to continue this series.

    August, 2020
    OnePlus Nord launch changed it all.
    The hype behind Nord and the fun activities from twitter memes to Instagram stories, I found forums coming back to life. I knew I would never buy a phone unless I get a job. But my favorite part of launch event was the announcement of TWS OnePlus Buds 😍. I kept refreshing OnePlus store web page daily to check if OnePlus Buds is deliverable to my pincode.

    September, 2020
    OnePlus finally started delivering products at my pincode from 1st September. I had collected enough referrals that I directly placed orders of bwz blue, oat, mint, OnePlus Buds Nord blue and white. At the same time, OnePlus was organising OnePlus accessories tester recruitment. I decided to review my OnePlus Buds without any expectations of winning or losing. I believe, my carefree attitude helped me a lot in upcoming months. When I was selected as OnePlus accessories tester, I was happy but when I saw a OnePlus badge on my profile, I was on cloud 9. I finally had achieved a verified tag on my OnePlus profile :tongueclosed:
    In the same month, I was invited to my first virtual OEF: OxygenOS for India.

    October, 2020
    OnePlus launched a new website called OnePlus world. An unique VR world which aimed at providing an experience of launch events from comforts of our home. Never in my life, I ever thought to win this global contest let alone the phone. That contest showered on me so many gifts that I had to give them away. The icing on the cake however was OnePlus 8T 🥲. Never ever in my life, I thought to win such a big prize of 2 bwz, 1 OnePlus Buds, 3 bottle, 3 quantum case, 1 OnePlus 8T. 🥲Never expected this tbh. Thank you so much OnePlus.

    November to December, 2020
    Community OEF and the user festival were the key events that I participated in this period. Winning my first #ShotonOnePlus IG to getting like from Pete Lau, this month gave me hope for a better year ahead.

    2020 was very special to me because it taught me many lessons. I still feel discriminated but I no longer care. This carefree attitude helped me a lot in stress management in my real life as well. I faced a lot of rejections this year. Both from OnePlus Community as well as in real life. However, I realised to never give up hopes and stop worrying about future.

    This year, OnePlus community helped me grow from within. There are so many people to tag who really motivated and helped me. I would like to thank each and every one of you for helping me pass through 2020.
    This year, I made some mistakes as well which I can't fix but I will definitely learn from it.

    Thank you 2020 for this roller-coaster life.

    Thank you @Batman360 @Dresa91 @G_plusone @TheGadgetGirl @Karun Deep @Mr. BG @SRD. @Oreo. @YRJ @B.I.T.S. @Shubham_Ag. @Helder_DAlmeida @jlasensiofi @buntycubal @Binepal Binni @camohan @woSch @cdnfarmer @Wonderwoman13 @yashwant24 @TibiTibi
    @luigimario @puccellino @BeingIncog and to everyone for making this an amazing year.

    Take care, stay safe.
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    G_plusone , Dec 29, 2020 :
    Thanks for the tag Tara.
    And Indeed there are lots of positive things we should carry forward with us to the coming years. :)

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    SRD. , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 29, 2020 :
    Hi @Starcommander , Great to see you succeed through this tough time. This thread is something written from the heart, and heart never( almost never) lies.
    Good to have you in this community and as a friend.
    2020 taught us many many things.
    Wish you good luck for the future. 💐💐💐

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    woSch , Dec 29, 2020 :

    A great great thank you for this / your very special "Month to Month Recap"... you brought to mind that there where not only dark sides in 2020 with all worldwide pandemic restrictions, but also always bright spots we shouldn't forget to mention and to remember...

    ... some of mine OnePlus "memorable moments"
    meet up in Cologne
    new Logo contest
    OP8 coming soon
    Kebab... playing around with a OnePlus prototype... showing the potential of the cam setup

    2020 ... a very special year


    strong together with OnePlus family and

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    Wonderwoman13 , Dec 29, 2020 :
    Thank you for the tag!
    It just makes me so happy to read that you've finally achieved what you've been trying for!:cool:
    Happiness is all that matters! And I'm forever happy and grateful for having met you here and irl and made some awesome cherishable memories.:)
    I could go on and on, but I've decided to save some words for your eyes only.;)
    So in short, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.:)

    I hope 2021 brings all the happiness, success, love and all things bright, in your life! :D

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    BeingIncog , Dec 29, 2020 :
    you are back, i'm happy. :)

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    TheGadgetGirl , via OnePlus 8T , Dec 29, 2020 :
    Ah! That's quite a wrap up for the year 2020 was.
    You surely had a roller coaster ride!
    And ofcourse, it ended on a very good note. Congratulations, again! :)

    I am superglad that I found a friend in OnePlus community. That's certainly one of the best things about 2020 in my life.

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    My friend @Starcommander what an amazing theread! Congratulations 🎊 for all your achievements! We are always learning and working our spirit for making us a better person, and you are a great person and a truly friend. Thank you for let me be part of your great journey!! Never Settle! Obrigado. 🙏