Dear Carl Pei, we need to talk

  1. Cheetosdust
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    Cheetosdust , Jul 14, 2018 :
    Dear Carl Pei (@Carl),

    I was reading a short story the other day. It was about a dog who had a sailor - that’s how important the dog was. It’s the exact same thing about these forums. OnePlus is not a company with these forums attached, but the other way around: you see, these forums have so many great people that they are more important than the brand who started it all.

    I’ll make it really easy for you to understand. If OnePlus files for bankruptcy tomorrow, these members will find a way to be in touch. If all of these users leave, OnePlus will be a company with a very different community and I highly doubt it’ll be a better one. But do you even know this community exists? I’m asking you, because today is July 14 and your last login was July 2.

    You gave an interview to Wired when you were launching the OnePlus 6. When you were asked about an online community and design choices, you said “sometimes consumers cannot articulate really what they want”. Ok, I’m a consumer and I’m going to articulate this like I’m an accordion so you keep reading. Deal?

    I know you are not the OnePlus Community Manager (the company dodged a bullet there). Your LinkedIn profile mentions “OnePlus Co-Founder” as a job description after you were a “International Markets Manager” at Oppo. Cool. I know you are busy with the Sweden program and I know you were in India for the Open Ears Forum. I don’t have a clue about what you do on the backstage, but I know all those retweets from YouTubers take some time, since you have to pick the most glowing ones.

    Since “OnePlus Co-Founder” can be anything - you can co-found a company five years ago and be Una’s personal petting assistant today - I don’t know exactly what you do. It’s a little vague, but ok, assuming you are busy beyond addressing your own community as a bunch of people who cannot articulate words when it comes to design choices, I still have a few words for your when it comes to these forums.

    All these words are about your silence here. You have social skills and I’m sure you are a great person. You can refute all this by saying Samsung or Apple or Google don’t have a co-founder “chilling” around the forums. But two things: first, I still believe OnePlus isn’t and doesn't want to be like those brands. Second, I don’t expect you to “hang” around here as I don’t expect you to be my new pen pal.

    You were here before. Look, we all know what happened with the OnePlus 2. I don’t know anything about marketing, but I’m not so dumb I can’t see the company pivoting and leveraging that to show a humble position upon declaring - and! - marketing that as a failure and as the go to example of cockyness. “We got cocky, we learned, we were on your side with the OnePlus 3 - and since then”. I get that. The OnePlus 2 is a great drawer to encapsulate all the cockyness. Neat, hope that’s working out.

    I’m not asking you to reply to this thread - I have a feeling you won’t read it. But you - and only you - have the power to change this growing perception a lot of users have of you. I simply don’t believe - and I know you are busy as a bee - you don’t have time to say “hello” or “yes” or “no” or “Apple” on a random thread you are reading. You not doing that leads me to believe you just don’t read these forums. And, not really sorry to write this, but that leads me to believe you don’t care about the community - or this part of the community - of the company you co-founded.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but these forums will continue without you, Carl, if you continue to ignore them. Because these members are more important than you, because the Staff Members that post here are so awesome and so caring, they say “hello” and they have a smile for random users. You know why? Because they know the power of a united forum pro or against something of someone.

    You remember @Adam Krisko? He is so respected that he is missed when he doesn’t post here. That’s the power someone loved has. You can be like that, but before that, you have to be respected. Because if you aren’t, you are mocked when you are not here. You can’t ignore us and only “think” about us when you want to sell us something - yes, I checked.

    I love OnePlus because of its products and a few souls that work there. I love these forums besides the OnePlus logo. But I don’t owe OnePlus anything as OnePlus doesn’t owe me anything. I’m sure you don’t owe me anything. But don’t forget I also don’t owe you, well, anything - including respect. And that can become a problem.

    You speak like someone who forgot your own company started here. Users who now think of you as poster boy were here to “co-found” the company with you. The only difference is that they are still here and they didn't plaster that on their LinkedIn profiles. I don’t care if you are busy, you either love your community or you shut up about that.

    Don’t yap and yap and yap about your fans when you need them to move stock; don’t yap and yap and yap about your fans when you need their Euros or Dollars and ignore them when you don’t. We either are the fans you build your products together with, or we are consumers - and just consumers. If we are “just” that, at least be man enough to assume that and become the Apple and Samsung wannabe you so desperately want to become a “co-founder” of.

    You see, Carl Pei, OnePlus grew, but it seems you keep forgetting your fans grew with the company. You can talk all mellow to your 13-year old fans that will eat that with a spoon. But, you see, I’m not a 13-year old anymore. You are very smart, I’m sure, but I’m not a particularly stupid person. Stupid? I’m sure. But not 100% stupid.

    My good man, you have all the right to never login again. But understand this, you logging in only when a new product is about to “drop”, it gives me a little tingling; a little “salesman and snake oil” vibe. And before you go all “you hater” on me, I have the OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 5T and the OnePlus 6. I have them and paid for them; I have them, paid for them, and it was not because of you. You see, you co-founded a company that’s bigger than you and said company has a community that’s bigger than its products.

    You are not the majesty of OnePlus and you are not more important than whomever is going to comment on this thread. You are not even more important than me. You know why? Because I bought a OnePlus device - he and he and she and she also did. We are the ones that put food on your plate. However, you project an image that we don’t really matter, because we don’t have a “following” online. Carl Pei, you can eat a beef Wellington tonight with the greatest “online influencer” of all time. That beef - delicious, isn’t it? - started when you were nobody and a few lovable fans decided to pay for the OnePlus One.

    I hope this is articulated enough for you. You either love the community that made OnePlus possible or maybe you should just drop that shtick from your act. You can pretend to be a rockstar, but the true rockstars of OnePlus are Pete, David, Ruby, Crystal, etc, and every single person who keep these forums going. Perhaps you forgot about us, that’s life, I get it, just don’t call us to sell a new hot product; just don’t be proud of your fans, don’t. And specially don’t be proud of reading you created something together with your fans on a white box.

    Carl, this is not an attack; Hey, Carl, this is just another thread by another random user. If you ever read these forums before OnePlus feels the need to announce something new, this is just a friendly nudge: you can either love these forums or stay out of my sight. Leave the announcements to another Staff Member that actually is reading the crap we write inbetween. Your choice, really.

    Don’t be so silent around here that it becomes cool to hate you or at least that it becomes cool to make fun of your own silence. I don’t agree with a lot of things you don’t do, but I still believe you can prove me wrong. Because proving me wrong is having you back here randomly saying hello without a product to sell. Again, two things: only you have the power to do that and I hope this is articulated enough for you.

    Gain my respect until your absence is missed and not mocked. You are not celestial, I’m not celestial, this community is. Earn their respect and you’ll earn mine. After this long thread, I have my consciousness clean. Hope you can feel the same when talk to your pillow. You co-founded something that’s bigger than you but no longer is bigger than these forums. Can you at least respect that, even if it isn’t on your job description?

    A forum member,

    PS: And if you need to say something to me, you can DM me. Unlike yours, my DMs are opened to this community.

  2. Carl
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    Carl , Jul 16, 2018 :
    Thanks for the nudge. It's fair that people want to know what I'm working on, where we're going, and that I'm still working with the best interest of this community in mind.

    We can't expect people to read my mind - if I don't communicate, then how would people know? Makes perfect sense thinking from the perspective of @Cheetosdust. If I were in his shoes, I'd expect the same. See you guys around here more often in the future. :)

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    toastytoast1234 , Jul 14, 2018 :
    I only got as far as

    Still laughing.

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  5. Cheetosdust
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    Cheetosdust , Jul 14, 2018 :
    I honestly don't expect him - or anyone - to reply to this. I just want my consciousness clear.

    He is the co-founder of this company. I'm pretty sure he doesn't need an average Joe like me to write all this. I did it, because after today he won't be able to say his silence isn't "felt" :)

  6. izzykasha
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  7. Cheetosdust
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    Cheetosdust , Jul 14, 2018 :
    I wish I could say that was a coincidence. It wasn't. ;)

  8. srinivas0301
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  9. Moin2200
    KitKat Jul 14, 2018

    Moin2200 , Jul 14, 2018 :
    Well written as always and a pleasure to read.
    You've earned the respect of this forum long ago.

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  10. 97pratyush
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    97pratyush , Jul 14, 2018 :
    A really nice read. Atleast, Carl will think once, before mentioning 'Our community' anywhere.

  11. the98kid
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  12. Cheetosdust
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    Cheetosdust , Jul 14, 2018 :
    I just want him, Carl, to let me know what's going on. Not on this thread, but just a "hello" to you, because you are this community as much as him. Sorry, you are this community more than him. You are here!

    Thank you! I hope Carl can earn your respect as well. Not on this thread, but on these forums.

    Thank you for your words. I respect this community, I respect every single one of you! You are here on a Saturday, because you don't see this as a job, you see this as a community!

    So thank you once again for being here on these forums!

    He won't see these tags and I don't mind. I just hope this link is passed to him and that he can post to let us know. Not here, on this thread, I'm sure, but on these forums.

    We - me and all of you - are these forums, are this community. Me and all of you, we are OnePlus besides the phones!

    Keep rocking these forums, because you already rocked my respect!

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  13. the98kid
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  14. Cheetosdust
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    Cheetosdust , Jul 14, 2018 :
    Please do share this link. But please also mention this isn't about this thread, but about these forums.

    OnePlus can make a phone, but we, me, you and everyone that's reading, we make these forums.

    Thank you all so much for your love, because your love matters to me. It seems your love for Carl's silence is the love for this online place.

    Carl's silence is a shadow? We are all together on that silence and shadow as we are these forums. Keep making this place as awesome as only you all know.

    You all make me proud!

  15. pa5t1s
    Marshmallow Jul 14, 2018

    pa5t1s , Jul 14, 2018 :
    Carl Peid : beezy tweeting marketing BS and ignoring the So-called 'great Community'.
    Great but useless thread @Cheetosdust .. as most members can't read but react to commercial and marketing impulses only... Sorry for the short answer but my OP6 is heating alot between two reboot of my crashing PUBG...

  16. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Jul 14, 2018

    Cheetosdust , Jul 14, 2018 :
    I know about marketing, I know this thread is useless, however, I also know that tonight I'll rest my head on a cheap pillow knowing I wrote it.

    Carl can rest his head on a 500 or 1000 dollars pillow. I don't give a F- about that, but I know I have my consciousness clear and I know I helped pay for that pillow - sweet dreams and fresh squeezed orange juices, Carl.

    Look, I'm not writing this because OnePlus became bigger or more commercial, I get that and I'm happy for that to a certain degree.

    However, Carl can't - or he shouldn't - continue to ignore us. Because you guys are the ones who are here since the beginning and I'm here since he was with us. We are all here on a Saturday because we - I - care!

    Look at @Adam Krisko. He was here before me and all the success, he is like a brother to me. Why? Because he said something and he was something and he is something. He doesn't work for OnePlus and he still is more than OnePlus than Carl.

    This was a useless thread before I wrote the title. I'm ok with it. However, now Carl can't write he wasn't warned these forums are aware.

    You were always aware. I'm aware. Everyone will be aware!

  17. Shivang Joshi
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    Shivang Joshi , Jul 14, 2018 :
    I'm glad that you were able to take this off your chest :)

    I just hope that he sees this and at least respond, for once and all. Most of the OnePlus products say "Created together with our fans" but it won't feel like it if their Co-founder is just missing out.

    Yeah, OnePlus holds Open Ears at various places where they meet up with some of the users. But the amount of users they're meeting there isn't even 1% of the amount of OnePlus users out there. With the help of this community they started, they can reach out to a much wider range of users, but only if they interact with us.

    I wish he could see and realise how far this community has come, after the first OnePlus device.

  18. Never Subtle
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 14, 2018

    Never Subtle , Jul 14, 2018 :
    We're unlikely to see Carl's Marx in this thread. He's probably too busy reading Capital volume 111.

  19. pa5t1s
    Marshmallow Jul 14, 2018

    pa5t1s , Jul 14, 2018 :
    Indeed, Adam @Adam Krisko was THE real spirit of this Community, a true and great mind dedicated to a great aim and project. There are other previous employees and 'old members' we must thank too (and I'm not one of them, to be clear).
    Surprisingly, many have left the movement and OnePlus ...Because of a change of time ? Change of strategy ? or 'spirit' / 'mood'? Most probably: more talk than acts today, more promises than deliveries, more marketing than technology... which makes OnePlus yet-another-phone-brand with increasing prices for less innovation. TL; DR: the Apple syndrom. And Carl is fond of Apple products ..

  20. pa5t1s
    Marshmallow Jul 14, 2018

    pa5t1s , Jul 14, 2018 :
    Subtle. But what have the funny Marx brothers to do in this thread ? :oops::p

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  21. Drewbikscube
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Jul 14, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Jul 14, 2018 :
    Well written and well spoken for all of us, especially those like us that have been here since day one.