[DEBUNKED FAKE NEWS] Alleged coming update to N/7.1.1 for OP2 because of some tests at Geekbench

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  1. rarog
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Mar 28, 2017

    rarog , Mar 28, 2017 :
    Within the last 24h there appeared multiple fake news about an upcoming N update for OP2, which was fed by some test result on Geekbench mentioning Android 7.1.1 as version.
    This is in no way official. There was just some unofficial and custom ROM for OP2 with H2OS application layer applied above it. The test on Geekbench was probably done with it. The test on Geekbench never mentioned anything official and can't do it. Any custom ROM with Android 7.1.1 would be identified as 7.1.1, probably any custom or official older ROM with modified builds.prop would also appear as 7.1.1 on Geekbench.
    So far there isn't any official ETA or information besides those posted in 2016. All news repeating about anything related to Android N are just reposting old news or quoting other news sites incorrectly. All the recent news about isn't any true journalism and just recycling of old information, pure speculation or just clickbait.

    There is a great thread by our user @ShortyEx, that summarises all the available information about N for OP2, the user edits the starting post with any information, the discussion about N is also done in this thread. Any other threads about N were, are and will be merged into this thread.

    This is the thread: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/before-starting-a-new-thread-about-nougat.496159/