Delay in Security Patch Update

  1. K1574137156975
    Cupcake Dec 11, 2019

    K1574137156975 , Dec 11, 2019 :
    I am. using One Plus 6T and my phone is still running on August Month security patch and no updates received after this.

    as per news and discussions happening in One Plus Cumunity Page, one plus 6/6t has started receiving new updates but my device has still not received anything.

    kindly resolve this issue.

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  2. V1576035923453
    Cupcake Dec 11, 2019

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  3. Kytharsis
    Marshmallow Dec 11, 2019

    Kytharsis , Dec 11, 2019 :
    Re-read the update thread and learn what "staged rollout" means. It can last up to 20 days before everyone gets it.