Delivering a smarter 4K cinematic experience

  1. Todd W.
    TV Product Marketing Staff Member Jun 7, 2021

    Todd W. , Jun 7, 2021 :
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    Hi everyone,

    Before making an announcement today, I’d like to first address our friends in India. Our hearts go out to those in India facing the COVID-19 situation and hope that things will take a turn for the better soon. On behalf of the team here, our thoughts are with you.

    Last week, we announced that OnePlus will be unveiling a brand-new smart TV in India. Today, I’d like to dive a little deeper into the stunning display on the upcoming product. Featuring a stunning 4K UHD display and over 8.3 million pixels for unmatched clarity, the upcoming TV is designed to elevate your viewing experience to the fullest regardless of the content that is being viewed. Thanks to an HDR10+ certification along with HDR10 and HLG support, the TV will be able to display ultra-realistic images with extraordinary detail and dynamic contrast.

    4K & Intelligent gamma engine02 .png

    The upcoming OnePlus TV is also poised to deliver a cinematic viewing experience using the power of the advanced Gamma Engine with over 50 specialized algorithms. It will feature ahandful of exciting features to elevate your viewing experience including MEMC technology, which delivers ultra-smooth frame rates by inserting additional frames, as well as Super Resolution which upscales content to fit the expansive viewing panel for a crystal-clear and truly immersive session. In addition, the improved color contrast gives you deeper blacks and a more radiant color spectrum, immersing you in your favorite shows and movies and displaying them the way they are meant to be watched.

    Of course, there are a host of other exciting features that will be coming along with the TV, but we can’t give away everything just yet. Rest assured, however, that we will be bringing our A-game with the industry’s most robust hardware and software combination, carefully tuned to deliver stunning visuals and an immersive experience just for you.

    So please stay tuned to our announcements in the future, and stay safe and strong. We’ll see you guys soon.

    Never Settle.

  2. Praju.
    OnePlus TV Product Ninja 2021 Jun 7, 2021

  3. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Jun 7, 2021

    YRJ , Jun 7, 2021 :
    Looking forward to more affordable quality TVs!
    Goodluck to the team for the launch ;)

  4. Yash Pratap Singh.
    Lollipop Jun 7, 2021

  5. razzor228
    Accessory Tester, OnePlus TV Product Ninja 2021 Jun 7, 2021

    razzor228 , Jun 7, 2021 :
    Someone needs to tell this to Ishan 🤣

    Eagerly looking forward for the Launch. Goodluck to the Team!

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  6. Dhruv Kashyap
    Jelly Bean Jun 7, 2021

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  7. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Community Expert Jun 7, 2021

    Venky61 , Jun 7, 2021 :
    Hey @Todd W. welcome back.... A post from you reminds me of the Q1 times :D
    Excited for the launch to see what all are packed inside.

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  8. kushal__12
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 7, 2021

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  9. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Community Expert Jun 7, 2021

    Venky61 , Jun 7, 2021 :
    Those rules doesn't apply to him :D

  10. DarshanMeniya
    OnePlus TV Product Ninja 2021 Jun 7, 2021

    DarshanMeniya , Jun 7, 2021 :
    @Todd W. Looking forward to upcoming OnePlus TV U1S series lauch event. My best wishes to OnePlus TV team for the upcoming launch event.
    Only few days left for the grand reveal!

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  11. Moka69
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 7, 2021

    Moka69 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jun 7, 2021 :
    😂 He should be included as factors affecting reach in social medi team discussion

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  12. sumitMZ007
    Jelly Bean Jun 7, 2021

    sumitMZ007 , via OnePlus 6 , Jun 7, 2021 :
    My cousin is shifting in newly bought flat and is in search of better t.v ! I've suggested him this upcoming OnePlus t.v ! I hope it turns out great otherwise our relationship might get rollercoaster ride!

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  13. gautamthapar
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus TV U1S Jun 7, 2021

  14. Dhr888
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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus TV U1S Jun 7, 2021

  16. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Jun 7, 2021

    Tokolozi , Jun 7, 2021 :
    Always fun anticipating the drop!

  17. gbvreddy
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    ShreyasPatil_ , Jun 7, 2021 :
    Really excited for the new TV lineup 😍😍