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  1. stevevai111
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    stevevai111 , May 2, 2018 :

    I'm Allan and I'm a tech enthusiast. My first journey into smartphones was through the original iPhone. At that time it was a game changer, it blew every other phone out of the water. Actually it created a new category as a future phone, way ahead of its time.

    Fast forward few years I was getting bored with the repetitive design of the iPhone and the boring iOS that never truly evolved like it should've. Quickly I switched over to android and I loved its many customisable features, the big screen, the UI, ability to use widgets etc. I was changed!

    I heard about the OnePlus One (cool name) through the tech youtubers. They all dubbed it the cheaper alternative to all the flagships but with almost top of the line specs. For me, I loved the design and the simplicity. It had a minimalist look and feel that really challenged the norm of quirky and over the top (eye scrolling.. really?) features that looked amazing on paper but not practical at all.

    Anyway, I became a OnePlus user back in 2017 and ended up buying the OnePlus 3T. Why? My old phone (would keep it anonymous) that was once a flagship.. less than year after purchasing it was not living up to its name. The battery life was almost half of what it was and the OS was starting to get all laggy after an update and the micro usb port was not usable at all, it completely broke.

    After finding out about the 3T, I was surprised at how well built and fully specced it was for a fraction of the price of all the other flagships. I loved the unibody aluminium design, almost stock android UI, amazing camera, massive battery (very important), 6gb RAM and 128gb storage was perfect. Around that time it was the only phone with a massive 6gb RAM, which made the phone smooth as butter and the 128gb inbuilt storage meant I could take loads of pictures, videos, store my music and still have enough room to throw a party in it ;)

    It seemed like the perfect phone but when I started taking videos at gigs and used the audio recorder to record my band (I play drums) the sound was not great at all. It was much worse than any other phone I had. And that was the only downside for me. I am a musician and I record live stuff a lot and the fact that the mic was not good meant I had to look for other options. So, after about a year of use I changed to another manufacturer.

    So, the reason I want to be at the launch event is to actually find out what makes the OnePlus 6 stand out from all the other smartphones out this year. And also, if they have to managed to refine the microphone... And to see how the community comes together on these events. I've heard there's a huge support from the fans, the creators and the owners. I've never been to a launch of any technological product and only watched others attend it. So, would be a perfect time for me to experience this one. Plus (see what I did there :)) I already live in London. My contracts about to run out in few months and I have a decision to make and I just wanna see if this event will change my mind and make me switch back to OnePlus.

    Anyway, I feel like OnePlus is ahead of the game and leading in the future of innovation and I would love to be a part of this event! :)

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