[DEV][MOD] Slider hack

  1. iCamps Eclair Aug 15, 2018

    iCamps, Aug 15, 2018 :

    I was wondering if could be possible to modify the slider behavior regarding the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode in order to use, too, the software notifications modes as in the stock Android.

    I think that could be possible to have "the best of two worlds": retain the hardware feature (throughout the slider at the left side) AND the software mode as in Android stock (in this mode you can decide the hours to your phone automatically enter in DND).

    To accomplish this, priorities could be used:
    - Maximum priority: hardware
    As the slider is moved from one mode to another, the slider mode will superimpose any other software settings.
    - Lower priority: software (user decision)
    In the normal mode, is up to the user to change the notification mode (DND or Silent) using any via (auto-schedule by Android or using autotask tools).

    Is this possible?
    Is there any patch or update the solve this?