Did you buy a Oneplus 2 recently?


When was your OP2 manufactured

  1. September 2015 - used loyalty code

  2. Later than Sept 2015 - used loyalty code

  3. September 2015 - no loyalty code

  4. Later than Sept 2015 - no loyalty code

  1. MafiaTechTeam
    Jelly Bean Feb 27, 2016

    MafiaTechTeam , Feb 27, 2016 :
    servers are down

  2. crash_194
    Gingerbread Feb 27, 2016

    crash_194 , Feb 27, 2016 :
    That is like comparing apples and pears though.

    You need two of the same device else you have no benchmark. You are comparing different hardware and software unless you know the screens are the same and the software setup is the same.

  3. crash_194
    Gingerbread Feb 27, 2016

    crash_194 , Feb 27, 2016 :
    It doesn't necessarily matter. The point in the OP is, why are the majority, if not all people using the loyalty discount codes, getting devices with a September 2015 build date, which was 2 months after the initial release when the phone was supposed to be in short supply and the invite system was still active.

    Why would the invite system be needed if all of these September devices were knocking around? And why does the loyalty discount appear to get you one of these September build phones and not a recent one?

    This is pure conspiracy and speculation mind, there just seems to be an awful lot of coincidence! Lol

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  4. MafiaTechTeam
    Jelly Bean Feb 27, 2016

    MafiaTechTeam , Feb 27, 2016 :
    Meh maybe left over stock

  5. AntMunny
    KitKat Feb 27, 2016

    AntMunny , Feb 27, 2016 :

  6. benzen123
    Honeycomb Feb 27, 2016

    benzen123 , Feb 27, 2016 :
    We'll never know if just old stock or something else until some officials give a (valid/true) statement. However I'm okay with it, updated it to 2.2.0 (which runs surprisingly relatively bug free now) and turned this new added screen color switch to the coldest look possible. Still yellowish in some way compared to other OPT/OPO's but I can handle it.

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  7. Systembeater
    Gingerbread Feb 28, 2016

    Systembeater , Feb 28, 2016 :

    ...Oneplus would never admit that there defintion of loyalty comes together with old production devices. This would also imply that there was never a short stock

  8. kanagadeepan
    KitKat Feb 28, 2016

  9. robS3
    Gingerbread Feb 28, 2016

    robS3 , Feb 28, 2016 :
    Yep, you could buy an OP2 with 50 dollar/40 euro discount.

  10. PantaTR
    Cupcake Feb 28, 2016

  11. SoniaB
    Nougat Head Moderator Feb 28, 2016

    SoniaB , Feb 28, 2016 :
    I don't believe the OP2 was ever in short supply. OnePlus botched up distribution with the 'invite reservation list' and then there were 'logistical' delays in getting the phones shipped and they admitted the issue with the cable quality too.

    Yeah, looks like you are getting your device from 'old stock' but that does not mean that the phone itself or its hardware is old. It's still the same phone. Warranty is also in place from date of purchase, so I don't really see why it matters.

  12. podge33
    Eclair Feb 28, 2016

    podge33 , Feb 28, 2016 :
    Obviously it means the hardware IS old ;), over 5 months to be exact.

    That being said, I am very happy with my new 5 month old OP2. No sign of yellowing or any other problem. I'd probably
    have bought it anyway even if I had known it was old stock with the $50 discount, but it would have been nice to have been informed that I was buying old stock.

    I don't agree with all the stick that Oneplus get on this Forum, but if there was a deliberate move to use a discount to move old stock then it stinks a bit that this wasn't announced with the "loyalty" email.

  13. ostatnimc
    Jelly Bean Feb 28, 2016

    ostatnimc , Feb 28, 2016 :
    I ordered 20.02.2016, arrived 26.02.2016 and date of manufacture is 21.09.2015.... Also i have small yellow yellow band size of 0.5 mm above FP. Prbly in the left corner a little more. This is most obvious when scrolling google cards and when I'm moving text from bottom to top. I can notice some differs between white. After creating ticket they want see image and I'm told them it is hard to show on image, and i cant creat it with low quality camera( with My LG G2). After long way consultant told me it"I will now hand this ticket over to a specialist who will be able to begin the RMA process". After 2 days still no answer. I'm a little pissed off, and I think to set up a dispute on Paypal.

  14. robS3
    Gingerbread Feb 28, 2016

  15. MafiaTechTeam
    Jelly Bean Feb 28, 2016