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    Batman360 , May 15, 2020 :
    A Brief Introduction about Red Cable Club (RCC)

    We live in a world where everything has a price tag, nothing’s for free. Every service/app has its membership charges. Even if you are using that service and app for a long time for free and suddenly, they bring out some exclusive contents and benefits and ask you to pay the price for the membership to avail the discounts. There is no discount for the old customers, no loyalty points, nothing, you just pay what new users have to pay to avail the exclusive benefits. But OnePlus ONEPLUS takes the trophy with the Red Cable Club which was introduced in India in December 19, 2019 and has never looked back. OnePlus did a survey on what its Indian community wants (also hosted an Open Ears Forum aka OEF), as always keeping the community the main focus, it came out with some brilliant exclusive rewards, for the old OnePlus users to the new ONEPLUS users, totally free of cost. My personal favorite was the 1-year of extended warranty which other companies gives for a price, ONEPLUS is giving it for free from series 6 to 8 and 50% discount on the replacement of batteries of the older devices.

    (To know more about RCC click here )

    Discover Section (What is it? Why is it?)

    The date was 17th of March 2020, I tapped on the settings gear on my OnePlus 7 Pro and saw “New” highlighted in red next to my username. As a curious guy (that I am), I opened it to investigate and found the “Discover” section. And let me tell you that I was not disappointed. This section started with describing the ONEPLUS design philosophy, then moving forward to the technological stuffs, shifting to the camera, lifestyle, gaming, launch and so much more. With every passing week the Discover section just got better and better. The articles are short, crisp and to the point with highly accurate photos supporting the article. To the TL;DR: generation it’s a gift from ONEPLUS :p These articles are so much fun to read, it tells us about the brand itself, what changes are happening inside the community, updates on various different topics and reveals (Ohh!! The reveals!!), I cannot tell you how much I love them (of course mainly due to the awe striking, jaw dropping prices 😉). The good thing is the articles doesn’t come once or twice a month but they arrive every week that too thrice, so you can imagine and expect the super fresh content baked by the awesome people at ONEPLUS. The discover section is also so perfectly placed, because you ought to open the setting once in a while and that bold red “New” will surely get your attention. Arriving at every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you could easily enjoy the articles without any stress because the weekend’s here baby :p I usually read it while having breakfast and to be honest I always look forward to reading them and try to guess what topic could be next. Discover is also really good at creating hypes, just see this:


    It makes you wonder and get excited for upcoming events and stuffs. As many people don’t use community except looking for the new software update, so they miss out on the other news, but some of this interesting news is featured on discover section and more and more people starts interacting with it. It is a win-win for both ONEPLUS and the community. I am really glad that someone thought about this section and moved ahead with its development, because this section of the red cable club is shining bright. I really love how the product’s specifications are described in this section, it doesn’t include too much of technical terms, and keeps it simple in a layman language so that its easy to understand for all the users who are not much of a tech enthusiast.

    Top contents that I❤



    I really love this article as it gives a brief overview about how the community grew overtime. It was a brilliant idea to start a forum before a product, to know what exactly people want, may it be even few hundred users at first. Due to the combined effort of the community and the ONEPLUS team, OnePlus One was a success and its hardware and were ahead of all the competition in the market. I was in the college, in early second year of engineering when I first heard about OnePlus, I wish I could have paid more attention to it and joined the forum at that point but sadly I didn’t know how and where, so I forgot about it and then the invite system started and the rest it history. People these days are mostly on the community to raise issues/bugs regarding the products but as the article stated that there wasn’t any product when the forums started so there were friendly chit chats between the like-minded tech enthusiast users who are part of the building block for ONEPLUS. Over this lockdown period I started using community a lot more and made a bunch of amazing friends instead of just raising issues :p And to be honest, I am addicted to this now. I use my phone mostly to be on community now a days. Its fun to be here helping people, making friends, talking tech, reading off topic threads, going through photography and other tutorials.



    This is the most interesting article in the discover section so far according to me and effortlessly explained too. Was really sad when I got to know that ONEPLUS was now launching a product online only, because offline launch events are so much fun, so many people to interact with, sharing the love for ONEPLUS with the community and also all the interesting goodies that we get are just cherry on top. But as we cannot physically see the device unless we buy it, AR unboxing comes live, mostly people are not that active on social media or follow ONEPLUS pages on social media but with the discover section, they are surely to take part in AR unboxing challenge. TBH I follow the pages but I missed the AR unboxing update and got to know from discover itself :p I had so much fun playing with the filter, moving the phone 360 degrees horizontally, vertically and in every direction to get a good look at the phone. Ideas like these only comes when there is a need for one. I surely didn’t miss offline launch that much now :p


    I know we all loved this somewhere in our heart. With all the leaks and everything, the prices were thought to be high in India but it didn’t happen and the RCC members got to know about it first, thanks again to the discover section. I was really excited for the price reveal as with so much of competition in Indian phone market, I was curious to know what price they would set for their 8 series and the price was at the sweet spot this time too. And with all the benefits included it gets to at most 4k cheaper and if you want a pop-up bundle then you are saving a hell lot of money in my opinion. This news was huge and discover section made it even more huge because due to it, this news reached to a lot of RCC members. You know thinking of it now Discover name is too literal for this section, many things are literally getting discovered by many people here lol.



    This article not only gave an overview of all the reviews integrated but also publicized the hard work done by the lab squad in writing the in-depth review of the 8 series. Discover helped their reviews to be reached to as many people as possible. I am really excited about the 3rd round of the lab review now. Thanks to all the reviewers for making a detailed review and answering all our questions and also thanks to the discover section for making people notice the efforts made by the lab squad.

    Updates that I would love in the Discover section

    There are some suggestions I would love to add to make the discover page more engaging, I hope ONEPLUS team considers it and feel free to drop your suggestions too.

    i.) Giving a push notification whenever a new article is published, as some people don’t really go into settings tab so often or just ignore the “New” sign.

    ii.) Choosing some of the best threads from the community and putting it in the discover page monthly or once in 2 weeks on Sundays, it would encourage more and more people to write amazing contents.

    iii.) It loads slower most of the times also the articles take time to load at times, maybe do some optimizations to make them load faster.

    iv.) Make it accessible from notification/status bar by making a tile for it.

    v.) Add a feedback section (poll type) in the discover section below every article so that the team at ONEPLUS get a better feedback from the community regarding the content.

    So, these are my thoughts regarding the Discover section. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

    Special thanks to @Joel Jacob for starting this RCC Journal.


    Stay Safe and Never Settle!

    India is a very competitive market, from exams like IIT-JEE, CAT to selling mobile phones, everything is a competition, and to stand out you have to think out of the box, do things that only few brilliant minds could think of. So, where all the other companies were busy creating fanboys and launching devices after devices, ONEPLUS launched the RCC for Indian community with full of worthy perks (and who doesn’t love perks right?). For the club that has just begun, it is showing a really promising and a bright future ahead for the company. I believe that more perks will be added soon in the club for the community to enjoy. With all the mid-range devices launching, people are still choosing ONEPLUS and retaining with it who already owns one and the only reason is that ONEPLUS values the loyalty of their customers Community and RCC is the living proof of it.

    Hope this club gets to shine in different parts of the world real soon.

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    luxuskamel , May 15, 2020 :
    I'm always a bit jealous that we don't have a RCC in Europe :)
    I always think OnePlus doesn't care about us here, and that might even be right

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    Batman360 , May 15, 2020 :
    Maybe the competition there in phone market isn't much like here in India. But I really wish they expand this club to other regions too 🤞

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    G_plusone , May 15, 2020 :
    Nice RCC Journal Batman ;)

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    Batman360 , May 15, 2020 :
    I hope so too friend 😅