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    Let's start with the most common questions we received from our readers. It's already February and OnePlus One still not available for sale in Malaysia. What's the reason behind this delay?

    Carl Pei: Yes, we promised to enter the Malaysian market late last year. We actually mis-calculate the time taken to obtain the approval of the device in your country. You've to remember that our company is still young and the average age of our employees is 26 years. Our lack of experience caused us too optimistic OnePlus One will easily be approved and sold in the market of a certain country. That's why we were in Malaysia to manage the approval process. We have got confirmation from SIRIM. We feel that the official sale might start after Chinese New Year.

    A: Is it going to be sold through Lazada as you did in Indonesia?

    CP: Cooperation with Lazada currently exclusive for the Indonesian market. We are conducting discussions with several parties in Malaysia to sell the device here. To be sure that all sales will only be done online in order to reduce costs.

    A: Along with the sale of OnePlus One in Malaysia, are you also going to open a customer service center here?

    CP: Yes, we planned to open a customer service center when the device is first sold to facilitate the customers. At the same time we'll open an office dedicated to the Southeast Asian region. We are still looking for the best location to open a business office and Indonesia seems like an interesting place. We want to be closer to our consumers because they provide support to our OnePlus device though not officially sold in Southeast Asia.

    A: Can you share a little of what operating system itself is built OnePlus?

    CP: This is my phone and it uses Oxygen OS (showing his phone). As you can see it resembles a stock Android. We realize our customers are very fond of stock Android without too much custom. We recently just create a software development theme. The first thing we want is to build a stable operating system and fully optimized. By using the stock Android as a basis we do not need to do a lot of custom and already has an operating system with a stable foundation.


    A: What additional functions are included on the Oxygen OnePlus OS that differentiates it from Android Stock?

    CP: We maintain a number of additional functions such as tap to wake. No need to press the power button to turn on the device. We also retain the ability for users to choose to use capacitive navigation buttons or the navigation buttons on the screen like that on OnePlus One now. It's only a few functions that we enter this time but we often hear consumer feedback, and will introduce the functions they wanted in the future.

    A: So when will the update OxygenOS will be available for users?

    CP: There's no exact date, but the trial version of OxygenOS can be download by users this March. There are many rules and tests we need to do to ensure the operating system is functioning properly. As long as it is not perfect we will not release to the public.

    A: Does OnePlus will continue to use CyanogenMod after this? There are rumors that there is a dispute between you and them?

    CP: We had no issues with the CyanogenMod fact we are still dealing with them to produce the best product. The only issue for the Indian market where we still await the court's decision there. All of our devices will come with the operating system CyanogenMod but users now have the option to download OxygenOS. We want to give users the option to choose what operating system they want.

    A: How about the use of ColorOS in the Chinese market?

    CP: ColorOS used on the devices in East Asia market for some local needs. In China many Google services is restricted and requires it to be replaced with local services. China also enjoyed the friendliness and custom of the interface design and is different from the global market version. In the West you can see an increasingly minimalist interface design and the reduction of additional functions become a trend. In China they like the designs that are louder and brighter. This you can see in the interface design of the device manufacturers there. Chinese language keyboard support is also better at ColorOS than stock Android. So therefore the ColorOS will continue to be used for the Chinese market. But we also will introduce HydrogenOS

    A: What is HydrogenOS?

    CP: HydrogenOS or H2OS will only available to the OnePlus for the Chinese market only. But as OxygenOS Chinese consumers have a choice of using H2OS or ColorOS. But as I said earlier Chinese consumers like different interface designs of global users. So although H2OS based on OxygenOS, it'll have change of icons designs, colors and layout.

    A: Can you share a little about OnePlus Two?

    CP: We still looking at the latest devices on the market now and OnePlus Two will have a comparable specification. It will rectify weaknesses in OnePlus One based on feedback from our users. As an example we're using the rear panel can now be replaced with bamboo panels, kevlar and denim. The current device rear panel we find very complicated because the integration of NFC and antenna. OnePlus Two will become more modular and rear panel will not have NFC integration and antenna. They will be built on the body of the device for a simpler rear panel to be replace with a wide range of building materials.

    A: What about the design? OnePlus One shares the design with Oppo Find 7. Does OnePlus Two will use the fictitious of Oppo latest device?

    CP: OnePlus Two designs will not be shared with latest Oppo devices .

    A: With OnePlus Two will you use the invitation system sales?

    CP: Yes invitation system will be continue. This was done to ensure our production to meet demand. We are a small company and can not afford to have unsold inventory. Existing sales price only provide a small profit per unit sold. Invitation system also necessary because we really do not have sufficient stock to meet demand. Income device actually takes a long time. The main problem is getting the LCD panel that has a waiting period of more than 3 months to get it from the manufacturer. We do not want you to buy our devices and then had to wait a long time to accept it. With our invitation system will only sell the device when sufficient stock. But do not worry because for OnePlus Two, we will produce more devices for tcomparing to what we did with OnePlus One. It will be easier to own although using the invitation system.

    A: How much OnePlus Two will be produce for the first release?

    CP: For OnePlus Two we will produce 20-40 times more units than the first release of the OnePlus device. We are now more confident that we have the products that are in demand in the market.

    A: W illOnePlus produce wearable devices and tablets after this?

    CP: A lot of smart watches in the market now but we feel it is still not perfect. No different than just a technology demo. We have produced several prototype of smart watches with different sizes and configurations. We are still not satisfied with what we achieved. As long as it has not been perfect, we would not release it. We do not want to produce another tech demo device in the market. Consenting about tablet should we do not have any planning yet.

    A: Why?

    CP: We see Apple and Google are already producing the best tablet and we do not have anything new that we can introduce to the market. We still believe that the smartphone is the most important asset for the digital lifestyle now. Therefore we will devote our energy to smartphones and try to produce the best.

    A: Will you produce a waterproof device in the future?

    CP: We read a lot of negative feedback about waterproofing function of users out there. There are manufacturers who produce waterproof device refuses to promise warranty when damage occurs when water entered the device. If you produce a waterproof device why not want to repair the damage using existing warranty? We do not want to be like them and reneged when the device is sent in for repair. Therefore we have no plans to produce a waterproof device at this time because it is not the function wants from most users.

    A: Finally, what is the most significant difference between user devices in Asia and the West?

    CP: In Asia we sees that it is more to China consumer. We can see the users outside China are less prejudiced with our device. For example, Chinese consumers are more cynical when new products entered the market. In their opinion the new device may not be as good as the external output devices such as Apple or Samsung. Other users more receptive to new products and will use it if it is good. As a result of good comments and numerous awards we received from outside media, we realize OnePlus product now gets first place in China. China users realize we are just best as Western products.

    A: Is there a message for users and fans of OnePlus in Malaysia?

    CP: Thank you for your support, even though we still do not sell our devices here officially. Thank you for your patience. We will do more meeting to faces together with you all like what is done in December last year.

    Sorry, forgot to put the source link.

    Here you go:

    A Malaysian website about latest tech

    Application is available here at Google Play Store:
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    Thanks for the read buddy, good to know that Oxygen OS will be a beta test in march and not the full stable build, which i s what i was expecting but good to know for sure :)

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    Hi, I understand from comments that 4G support is currently limited to the 1800 band (not quite sure if thats the correct frase) and not for 800 band and it seems that coverage in the Netherlands for both isnt yet nation wide, is this one of the items on the list to be changed on the OP2? Or would this be a software issue and can it be fixed on the OPO?

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    So no more 4 month period wait time?

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    Can't wait for op2 to come out then ! I want it already .... Good valentines news !

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    The website is fully in Bahasa Melayu, so i have to translate it back to English. Use a Google first than I edited it by myself. Hope it's understandable.

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    y guess is that it is a software issue. Like Malaysia, 4G support is not quite all over the country. I only experienced 4G once in Johore.

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    Thks lucky you didn't say its launching on march else forum members will be in a frenzie like the last announcement! Hahaha

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    Thanks Fahim, I hope thats the case. In the meantime, reading more and more on the forum, it seems there isnt an issue with 4G using T-Mobile over here (NL).


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