Does anyone got mic problem

  1. gauravnandanwar40
    Gingerbread Sep 24, 2015

    gauravnandanwar40 , Sep 24, 2015 :
    I found some problem in my opo mic that if i am on call then the another person is is not hearing well sometimes.:confused:

    But after restart my opo then my mic works fine.

  2. jollz.04
    Cupcake Sep 24, 2015

    jollz.04 , Sep 24, 2015 :
    same is happening with me. But it happens only sometimes not always. Don't know what to do

  3. gauravnandanwar40
    Gingerbread Sep 24, 2015

    gauravnandanwar40 , Sep 24, 2015 :
    had the same issue, and I don't think you have to root the phone to fix this issue. The issue started happening only after I applied the latest build LMY48B. Also, the outgoing voice quality is good when I switch to headset mic. There is a easier solution that fixed this issue for me. Here it is:
    1. Go to Google Settings (not phone settings)
    2. Go to Search & Now
    3. Go to Voice
    4. Go to 'OK Google' detection
    5. Disable 'from any screen'
    6. Save and reboot the phone.

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  4. yg211
    Gingerbread Sep 26, 2015

    yg211 , Sep 26, 2015 :
    There is a problem in opo regarding the mic. Give it to the service center to get it fixed. Even i faced similar issue. Got it resolved from service centre

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  5. zorniki
    Cupcake Oct 14, 2015

    zorniki , Oct 14, 2015 :
    I got the exact same problem after the August update LMY48B.
    Most callers complained that they were getting distorted audio from my phone.
    I've just tried your method. Thanks for sharing. I'll report back if it solved the issue. :)

  6. Jaydip
    Jelly Bean Oct 14, 2015

    Jaydip , Oct 14, 2015 :
    Does anyone is facing this issue still? I am being skeptical about it. It should be resolved by the update. what do you say?