Dolfi - Next Gen Washing Device

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    The laundry. It’s a chore that many people kind of dislike. Especially with the bustle of the work-a-day life where an hour or more at the laundry whittles away at the precious few moments that are left after the work week has played its course. And it’s not just the time spent at the laundromat, or folding and putting away the clothes that is irksome, it’s what happens to the actual clothes. They get mangled and shrink. Colors bleed and fade. As a result, the garments that went in to the wash are often times not the same ones that come out.
    That’s where Dolfi, “the world’s smallest and gentlest washing device” comes in. It’s a washing machine that’s about the size of your smartphone which may, as Yahoo News put it on Jan. 18, make washing machine history. With just a sink or container filled with water and some laundry detergent, Dolfi gets to work on dirty clothes and gets the job done in 30 minutes.

    Supposedly, the device cleans clothes just as well as the classic washing machines but without the side-effects such as fading, stretching and discoloring. The process is much less harsh on clothes than traditional washing machines. Digital Trends notes that the device uses ultrasound technology that “sends out the ultrasonic soundwaves, creating powerful water micro-jets as the resultant bubbles implode. These jets do all the cleaning, so you don’t have to.”

    The idea came out of entrepreneur and Dolfi founder Lena Solis’ frustration with trying to do laundry while traveling. She was inspired by the “amazing benefits of ultrasound.” Ultrasound technology is also used in other home products, as well as in chemistry laboratories. Solis spawned the idea and then the Swiss engineering lab MPI Ultrasonics designed it.

    The device works so gently that delicates can also be washed with it. Lace and even “dry clean only” cashmere won’t get mangled in the wash, nor will special contraptions be necessary to keep precious delicates from being destroyed as they would have in a traditional machine. According to PSFK, Dolfi is also soundless and is 80 times more energy efficient than traditional washing machines.

    Want to try one of the devices out for yourself? Dolfi will set up an Indiegogo campaign on Jan. 20. For $89 you can have a portable device that washes clothes on the go and treats your delicates just right. While there is some doubt whether the device will truly make washing machines obsolete, this innovation promises to change the way people wash their clothes.


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    Don't get me wrong. But I think I'll stick to my weekly washing of the laundry in the washing machine with soft care functions and good detergent.