Don't buy XtremeGuard Spartan Shieldz

  1. CrAcKeZ
    Honeycomb Sep 25, 2014

    CrAcKeZ , Sep 25, 2014 :
    unfortunately it matters, especially in low light where all sensors suffer(even SLT/DSLR's)

    In a very bright sunny day most probably won't even notice it, only good pair of eyes would notice some slight difference

    P.S. To the people saying that the camera is "protected" better. If you manage to damage a space of 3mm(yes I measure it) then the glass protector/film protector isn't gonna protect you. Dropping the phone and damaging the specific part of 3mm in diameter without messing with the rest of the screen is having a probability of less than 0.05% at best (if you're so unlucky probably you don't have an invite and never will due to your chances hahahah :p)

  2. disk0
    Gingerbread Sep 25, 2014

    disk0 , Sep 25, 2014 :
    I can read perfectly well, your post regarding the camera lacked grammatical sense....learn to write!!

    Your OP was/is completely over the top, it looks like you failed to fit the glass correctly as it is lifting in the top left corner. If you have lost any picture quality I can only assume it's your error.
    I have the same screen fitted correctly and experience no loss in picture quality.

    Perhaps you could provide some proof of before and after fitting the screen protection?

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  3. Fr3Aky
    Honeycomb Sep 25, 2014

    Fr3Aky , Sep 25, 2014 :
    the screen protector fits perfectly, it's the reflection of my silver ultrabook that you see... regarding the picture quality there is no "proof" as I applied the screen protector first thing, just common sense... no matter what physics\optics rules you follow it does make a difference...

  4. Dk20005
    Gingerbread Dec 21, 2014

    Dk20005 , Dec 21, 2014 :
    Just to update I ordered the xtremeguard and they changed the cutout to extend to the camera and proximity sensor. I'm actually a bit dissapointed because I wanted them covered.

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  5. cdisxm
    Jelly Bean Dec 22, 2014

    cdisxm , Dec 22, 2014 :
    Wow, thanks for the warning, and I was just about to hit the BUY button on Xtremeguard's website.

    Only problem with your warning: screen protector glass no refractive index. Hell, it does not even filter light, so how can it change your pictures unless you are in low light conditions and not taking good pictures? Manufacturers of quality screen protectors should not be putting cut-outs on the sensors or camera lens. That is a good thing, it protects some important components.

    Thanks for your warning on Xtremeguard :D After reading it I just had to order them :p

    [EDIT] Anyone know where I can get some Xtremeguard coupons?
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  6. shadowX159
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 22, 2014

    shadowX159 , Dec 22, 2014 :
    Someone going anal over some holes that may or may not affect the camera...

    I have this protector and see no problems with it. It sucks that doesn't have the holes but I wouldn't bring a pitchfork and torch and say you shouldn't buy the brand.

    Maybe provide options but not force feed people to not buy XtremeGuard's spartan shield.

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  7. benluca
    KitKat Dec 22, 2014

    benluca , Dec 22, 2014 :
    It was nice of you to post this, and to share your information. Don't worry though, your camera will work just fine. It's no different than when somebody puts a clear protective filter on the lens of their camera. Enjoy your One Plus and have an excellent day!

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  8. RichiRamjag
    Froyo Jan 20, 2015

    RichiRamjag , Jan 20, 2015 :
    Kind of a late bump, but just got my spartan shield in. They now include cut outs for that area

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  9. cdisxm
    Jelly Bean Jan 21, 2015

    cdisxm , Jan 21, 2015 :
    thanks for the update