Don't miss our first Mystery YouTuber AMA! @ Aug 17th , 11PM HKT

  1. sag90
    Eclair Aug 11, 2018

  2. Akshay_Nalavade
    Froyo Aug 11, 2018

  3. Punk_69
    Lollipop Aug 11, 2018

    Punk_69 , Aug 11, 2018 :
    Hey there mysterious YouTuber(s)!!
    Here's my set of questions.... (I know I'm not following the rules, see my username bruh)

    My first question - Who are you ? XD

    Second - What do you wanna talk about in the AMA?

    Third - Do you think oneplus is gonna conquer the smartphone market worldwide in the future?

    Btw @Ruby G. a OnePlus 6 to the winner? What if multiple people guess the same name ?

  4. fazzy94
    Eclair Aug 11, 2018

    fazzy94 , Aug 11, 2018 :
    It's gotta be mrwhosetheboss. He's doing alot of OP content.

    #give me a OP6 if I'm right.

  5. S4Subha
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2018

    S4Subha , Aug 11, 2018 :
    When new smartphone inventing will be stopped? because Every month there is a new one, can't decide which should I buy..

  6. davkos
    Honeycomb Aug 11, 2018

    davkos , Aug 11, 2018 :
    "at what point are we going to stop naming these machines phones?" They can do so much more!

  7. Beer02-3
    Donut Aug 11, 2018

  8. tanaypandey99
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2018

    tanaypandey99 , Aug 11, 2018 :
    Question for this thread:

    is it possible for a phone maker to build the perfect phone which according to me hits the best camera, processor, display, speakers, memory, and most specifically an affordable price point . If yes, then when?

  9. Rishikrish94
    Froyo Aug 11, 2018

    Rishikrish94 , Aug 11, 2018 :
    Tell me 3 reasons for playing fortnight?

    He is The legendary - Lewis Hilsenteger
    From Unboxtherapy youtube channel

  10. T1530976125151
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2018

    T1530976125151 , Aug 11, 2018 :
    Ma question pour le youtuber est la suivante :
    Penses-tu que l'IA est bénéfique et pourquoi ?
    C'est un sujet qui m'intéresse fortement car il est parfois très mal géré par les constructeurs: trop de saturation, de contraste...
    Enfin bref je te laisse y répondre via développement structuré.

  11. T1530976125151
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2018

    T1530976125151 , Aug 11, 2018 :
    Sera t'il possible dans l'avenir de choisir l'hardware de son téléphone ce serai vraiment incroyable

  12. sumathi_02
    Froyo Aug 11, 2018

    sumathi_02 , Aug 11, 2018 :

    What is your thought about one plus 6, which is a flagship mobile overtaking all over India in cheap price? How can it provide this much in a lowest price amongst all other flagship smartphones?

    gonna see my question to first

  13. daniel.suru
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2018

  14. rydonwunali
    Eclair Aug 11, 2018

  15. Pravin_1997
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2018

    Pravin_1997 , Aug 11, 2018 :
    well as Oneplus launched bulletts wireless this year does it means that the future OnePlus devices won't come with the Audio jack ?
    i'm curious about it.
    Maybe an end to wired earphone technology.

  16. omgitskd
    Eclair Aug 11, 2018

    omgitskd , Aug 11, 2018 :
    Why is industry going for expensive, slippery and brittle glass backs instead of premium (and still cheap) polycarbonate material which is durable, have better RF transmission and can support wireless charging (although I don't really care)?

    I would love to see OnePlus to go with premium quality plastic that can be on par with or even exceed the pros of glass without having to settle on durability and cost.

    #NeverSettle #DefinitelyNotOnDurability

  17. JBTechV
    Eclair Aug 11, 2018

    JBTechV , Aug 11, 2018 :
    My Question : If you had the chance to choose 2 phones, and then choose your favorite half of the features of each, to combine them, to make one all new phone, which 2 phones would you choose, and which features would you pick for each?


  18. V1530459905030
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2018

  19. N. Bharath Goud
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2018

    N. Bharath Goud , Aug 11, 2018 :
    Using WIRELESS CHARGER can improve the battery life or charging a phone through ADAPTER can improve the battery life.
    which one is the best option , because now a days all brands are introducing WIRELESS CHARGING DEVICE'S.
    Can we see WIRELESS CHARGING option in ONE ➕ 6T.

  20. Nicholas_Ma
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2018