Camera double power button launch a different camera ?

  1. mmiii
    Eclair Nov 10, 2018

    mmiii , Nov 10, 2018 :
    I've set the standard camera app to Google camera because of the missing OnePlus 16:9 ratio missing.
    Double tab power button opens always the OnePlus camera.
    how to fix this?

  2. B_Wrath
    Junior Moderator Junior Moderator Nov 10, 2018

    B_Wrath , Nov 10, 2018 :
    Change the default camera app in the settings...

  3. mmiii
    Eclair Nov 10, 2018

    mmiii , Nov 10, 2018 :
    as I wrote I have set it to default, sorry for my English.
    the problem is the same like default gallery(Google photos) but op gallery opens
    on my op5 double tab power button opens a list with all camera apps to choose one...

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  4. J_Parth_Patel_120595
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2018

  5. G_Shriram_G_FPve
    Cupcake Nov 11, 2018

  6. mmiii
    Eclair Nov 11, 2018

    mmiii , Nov 11, 2018 :
    in app settings camera, clearing defaults, was the first I did. it changes nothing [e]1f62a[/e]

  7. B1gD
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2018

  8. mmiii
    Eclair Nov 13, 2018

    mmiii , Nov 13, 2018 :
    the problem is solved, I'm getting the choice for all installed cams by pressing double power.
    I don't know why, perhaps it works after a restart again.

  9. a.alschiz
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2018

    a.alschiz , Nov 13, 2018 :
    I still have the same problem as you. After Restart it works for a few minutes then goes back to the stock camera.

    also tried clearing defaults
    also tried setting standard to google camera
    also tried different camera app like "open camera"
    also tried deactivating stock camera app (in this case the double tap, or O-Gesture, just restarts the screen and nothing opens)

    can other people confirm that problem?

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  10. a.alschiz
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2018

    a.alschiz , Nov 13, 2018 :
    clearing app data also did nothing... for now I can open the stock camera with the double tap and the GCam with the Gesture (had to select: open App: GCam not "open camera")

  11. E1541014456286
    Cupcake Nov 14, 2018

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  12. a.alschiz
    Cupcake Nov 14, 2018

    a.alschiz , Nov 14, 2018 :
    I just received a message from a oneplus support team, that this is apparently by design. the double-tap is only supposed to open the stock 1+ app. weird that it opens a 3rd party app for 1min after restart, though.
    hope they change it... it's like the Bixby-button light.

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  13. SteveDaniel1975
    Donut Nov 14, 2018

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  14. TPMunster
    Donut Nov 19, 2018

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  15. stepansonsky
    Eclair Nov 19, 2018

    stepansonsky , Nov 19, 2018 :
    Same here... I really want to launch Google Camera using power double tap, this is so annoying and shouldn't be considered as a "feature". Please, never settle and listen to community. Thank you!
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  16. ultkaizoku
    Donut Nov 27, 2018

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  17. AlissonBezerra
    Eclair Nov 27, 2018

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  18. stepansonsky
    Eclair Nov 27, 2018

    stepansonsky , Nov 27, 2018 :
    After 9.0.6 update, double tap on power behavior seems to be more consistent, but still not so correct. Google Camera starts only when phone is unlocked, but if I double press power with screen off, then it runs OnePlus Camera. Please focus on this to next update, thank you!

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  19. gianflavio
    Cupcake Jan 28, 2019

    gianflavio , Jan 28, 2019 :
    This is really annoying. 99% of the time I launch the camera with the power button is when the screen is unlocked and it always launches the stock camera instead of my default camera.

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  20. knicefire
    Donut Feb 11, 2019

    knicefire , Feb 11, 2019 :
    I was having the same issue and I was able to solve it by
    • Clearing default in the Oneplus Camera
    • Disabling the Oneplus Camera
    • Setting default camera to Google Camera
    • Restarting the phone
    It is very disappointing. I was sure OnePlus would never do something like this for their customers.

    OnePlus, if you really want your customers use your camera and nothing else then you need to earn it, by providing better camera experience and not by enforcing your camera being used as default even though the default option is set to be a different app.

    I know all the giants use the same technique, but aren't you suppose to be better? A flagship killer?

    All of these subtle things make all the difference, and may spoil the whole user experience.

    I used to think OnePlus is loyal and open to customers, but the more of those small little things like the removal of AOD, removal LED indicator, or the removing of the headphone jack and now this one, make me wonder if Oneplus 6T will be my first and only phone bought from OnePlus
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