Downloaded images not in gallery

  1. ws_volt
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 28, 2014

    ws_volt , Jul 28, 2014 :
    For some reason images i downloaded (wallpapers from this forum) are not showing up in the gallery. (well, 1 picutre did, the other 3 arent) help?

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  2. alvarosello
    Cupcake Aug 17, 2014

    alvarosello , Aug 17, 2014 :
    The exact same thing happened to me! Anyone knows what could this be and how to fix it?
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  3. iperryt
    Gingerbread Aug 17, 2014

    iperryt , Aug 17, 2014 :
    -maybe the gallery app doesn't update images, try to kill it and open it again
    -maybe in the folder there is a file ".nomedia", delete it
    -maybe try another gallery app or the second fotos app from google, go to "on this device"...
    -maybe check if the images are really saved with a file explorer

    it could be so many things...
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  4. SydBrown
    Honeycomb Aug 17, 2014

  5. alvarosello
    Cupcake Aug 17, 2014

    alvarosello , Aug 17, 2014 :
    Did everything you said, but I'm still having this issue. As ws_volt said, only one picture did show up in the gallery (the very first one I downloaded), but then nothing. :(

    (I'm thinking about performing a factory reset, but I don't know if that will fix the problem)

  6. B-Rad
    KitKat Aug 17, 2014

    B-Rad , Aug 17, 2014 :
    I had similar issue, it seemed to be something with the google photo app that was conflicting with the gallery app. I wish I could be of more help but I messed with so many settings and apps that I cannot remember what ultimately resolved the issue for me. Might be something to look at though to see if you can find any conflicts there.

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  7. Memises
    Donut Apr 16, 2015

    Memises , Apr 16, 2015 :
    After spending months trying to fix mine, by looking at others solutions I just gave up. Until today when I had a revelation that I could move my downloads folder into DCIM which has solved my problem. - Apologies for this being 8 months on and using cm12 ;)

  8. Vishu259
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2015

    Vishu259 , Apr 23, 2015 :
    i have having the same issue..i have copied some pics but they never showed in gallery!!!this is making me crazyy..anybody any solution??

  9. iuliana
    Cupcake Apr 24, 2015

    iuliana , Apr 24, 2015 :
    I have the same problem with downloaded pictures since yesterday. Also since yesterday all my folders from gallery have disappeared. I used a file manager to see if I still have the pictures. They are on the phone but cannot see them anymore in Gallery. Also verified not to have any "no media blocked".

    I did all steps iperryt said above and no fix.

    I tried to use any other galleries as quick pic, piktures, Google camera... But my folders (Bluetooth, Screen shot, Download, some custome made folders, Facebook, Instaframe, Instagrame, etc) and any camera pictures older than yesterday refuse to appear.

    I tried also to sync gallery.

    What do I have to do to get back my gallery as it was before yesterday morning 23 April 2015?

  10. EmmaWATTson
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 24, 2015

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  11. hastaguy
    Honeycomb Apr 24, 2015

    hastaguy , Apr 24, 2015 :
    Click on the Download images from the notification and then view it once. Then only it will be added to gallery. Wierd issue. Faced the same issue in Nexus 5 on lollipop, HTC Desire 820 Kitkat and OnePus One on both 11s and COS12.

  12. iuliana
    Cupcake Apr 24, 2015

  13. pradeep21
    Cupcake Jun 9, 2015

    pradeep21 , Jun 9, 2015 :
    -Use ES File Explorer search for nomedia and delete every file with name .no media
    -then move every folder with media(photos, videos,music,etc) in a new folder and then again move those folders back to there place
    Its done now you can see ur media files in all apps.

  14. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Jun 9, 2015

    gaster , Jun 9, 2015 :
    Clear cache and data from the Gallery app. Restart the device. Check again in gallery

  15. Shrapnelist
    Jelly Bean Jun 9, 2015

    Shrapnelist , Jun 9, 2015 :
    Open them with the filemanager, sometimes the pictures are not downloaded correctly so you will have to redownload

  16. syedgj
    Froyo Oct 4, 2015

    syedgj , Oct 4, 2015 :
    I just started having this problem yesterday. I'm not sure about the solution but I think it may be because of the downloaded pictures itself.. I noticed that these pictures don't seem to have meta information like name or date in them. Through a file manager they have a name and created date, but in the gallery those fields show up as n/a. Could be the reason why they aren't being read by any gallery app.

    Update: I opened those pictures I'm Aviary and just clicked done without making any changes (didn't even let it complete saving just exited the app). Thus causes Aviary to save it in its own folder with the missing meta info so they show up in gallery just fine then. But has to be done for each.
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  17. harleens
    Cupcake Jul 2, 2016

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  18. Naman Rastogi
    Cupcake Jul 26, 2016

    Naman Rastogi , Jul 26, 2016 :
    I had the same problem, images were not showing up on gallery and music was not showing up on music player, both internal and Google Play Music. This all happened after I transferred all my data from my old Samsung Galaxy S5 to my new OnePlus 3.

    I searched all internet and had no success, but then I saw somewhere doing a Media Re-scanning will solve the problem, I installed an app named "media.Re.Scan" from play store and ran it, and I was amazed to see that all my media is now being shown on both Music Player and Gallery.

    If you are having the same problem, do try the above app, it worked for me, it may work for you too.

  19. airiartev
    Jelly Bean Jul 9, 2018

  20. P1530036404220
    Cupcake Jul 9, 2018