Draining Battery in pocket and Bluetooth not detecting any device

  1. Devilevil
    Cupcake Dec 21, 2016

    Devilevil , Dec 21, 2016 :
    Dear Team,
    I have bought a new one plus 3t. the phone is draining when I keep the phone in my pocket. the battery of my phone is not lasting 12 hrs with minimal usage.
    The Bluetooth of the phone is not detecting any of the near by devices i.e. my JBL Bluetooth Speaker and my other Moto X phone (device is visible to nearby device).
    Request you to please resolve these of my issues at the earliest.

  2. Bartnl
    Lollipop Dec 21, 2016

    Bartnl , Dec 21, 2016 :
    Hijacked 6 threads with this same story just to open this thread with again the same story??? please........ pfffff....

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  3. kimjay
    Donut Dec 22, 2016

    kimjay , Dec 22, 2016 :
    well my 3T's Bluetooth is detecting my Casio Edifice watch, i'm getting about 15 hours.
    The average battery life is said to be 5 hours and 41 minutes according to:

    Which is running a custom web-script, designed to replicate the power consumption of typical real-life usage.
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  4. DJDavid98
    Donut Dec 24, 2016

    DJDavid98 , Dec 24, 2016 :
    You could try disabling the option that prevents accidental actions while phone is in pocket. It can consume additional battery with little gain.