dual sim quick toggle

  1. AndreasY
    Donut Sep 16, 2019

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  2. cristiano1988
    Donut Oct 4, 2019

    cristiano1988 , Oct 4, 2019 :
    I join this thread. Specifically, because I use a dual SIM card in OnePluse phone and I need to travel from one teleoperator's mobile coverage region to another region of other teleoperator (crossing the border between two countries) - so as I could not get into national roaming and which could mean unplanned additional costs. In doing so, I have to firstly turn on both SIM cards (by default I am using only one SIM card turned on), then change the default options for calling, messaging, and data to the second SIM card. To avoid additional charges, I need to turn off the first card I used before. That process should be greatly simplified by only one switch that would switch/toggle all of the given functionality to another SIM card and switch off the first one. The feature and the request are simple, and I think it will also help shorten the SIM card setup time a lot.

    I notice that you have a lot of queries in the forum about contacting a default SIM card when both SIM cards are active. Which could actually be accomplished by storing SIM selection information in the database of previous calls so that the prompt does not pop up to select the SIM card just every time I want to make a call. You really have the hardware at an enviable level, so the software would quickly query the call pool, and select the appropriate default SIM card for the contact I want to call through the OnePlus phone. If you are afraid of future database expansion, you can limit number of contacts fixed for each SIM card. In other cases default SIM is used.

    If you are going through these two minimalist requirements through a software solution, I definitely buy your latest device, as well as my colleagues from my regional area who are experiencing same problem.

    Thank you in advance!