dust between camera lens protection and metal frame

  1. z3wl
    Eclair Dec 31, 2016

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  2. sanmugamnkl
    Donut Dec 31, 2016

    sanmugamnkl , Dec 31, 2016 :
    Yes. I too notice that... All four corners i see dust accumulated.... tried blowing air. Didn't help.

  3. z3wl
    Eclair Dec 31, 2016

    z3wl , Dec 31, 2016 :
    believe me it makes me feel angry when i see a 439euros phone getting dust there. dissapointing..

  4. deb1806
    Gingerbread Dec 31, 2016

  5. RaduPal
    Honeycomb Jan 15, 2017

    RaduPal , Jan 15, 2017 :
    I saw about 2 or 3 threads on the forum about this, so I thought I'd give you guys my 2 cents on the matter.

    I have this on my phone too, but after watching just about every video on YouTube that showed the camera lens up-close, I am 99.999% sure that what we're seeing isn't dust.

    You see, the camera lens is made of 2 parts: the lens itself and the black base that it's glued to, which in turn, is glued to the phone's aluminium case/frame. Now, after carefully examining the lens on mine with a magnifying mirror (which was really hard to do and it took about 10 minutes to get a good angle that would help me see the lens correctly - couldn't find my magnifying glass anywhere) and after checking the videos on YouTube, what appears to be dust is in fact the phones' aluminium frame. The black base of the lens is just a tad smaller than the aluminium frame which means that what we're seeing is the actual aluminium back of the phone, but the sapphire lens is the right size, which is why blowing compressed air in the lens didn't help.

    You can checkout the repair videos and the camera review videos on YouTube as well, and you'll see there that when the reviewers' camera is pointed at the lens from the right angle, all of them have this small space there.

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  6. Kirakichi
    Jelly Bean Jan 15, 2017

    Kirakichi , Jan 15, 2017 :
    Sounds legit to me.

    The glass has to be glued somewhere, in this case, the frame's outlining sides to glue it to, the lens i mean.

    Don't know much now, but sounds legit.

    Wierd thing is, i dont have this thing visible? same thing was reported back then many times for OP3 users (not 3T) which had hardened camera lens glass and not sapphire like the 3T.

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  7. malidan
    Nougat Jan 15, 2017

    malidan , Jan 15, 2017 :
    Yep sounds legit different phone and protection, same issue.
    I wonder if the were installed in a dust free environment?

  8. OnePlus3=4?
    Gingerbread Jan 15, 2017

    OnePlus3=4? , Jan 15, 2017 :
    Yes, noticed it today.. Phone is only 1.5 weeks old, and I'm 97% sure it did not look like this when I got it.

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  9. Krishna2142
    Honeycomb Jan 15, 2017

  10. baisana
    Cupcake Jan 15, 2017

    baisana , Jan 15, 2017 :

  11. Shiv004
    Cupcake Jan 15, 2017

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  12. G_Joe_Vincent_Iscala_irZ
    Cupcake Jan 15, 2017

  13. TheRcCrawlerKing
    Donut Jan 15, 2017

    TheRcCrawlerKing , Jan 15, 2017 :
    Why have the camera lens stick out so much. Every time I put the phone down I feel scared I'm going to scratch it. Get rid of the camera bump, add extra battery, killed two birds with one stone.

  14. Ameyarnaik
    Donut Jan 15, 2017

    Ameyarnaik , Jan 15, 2017 :
    and I thought I OCD had kicked in ... I tried tooth pick sharpened with a knife various anti fibre cloths and ******* it just doesn't come out ...

  15. samven582
    Gingerbread Jan 16, 2017

    samven582 , Jan 16, 2017 :
    Just got my oneplus 3T 64gb today. Notice a few specs of dust behind the 16 mega pix camera. Very disappointed again with oneplus :-( Will return and order again

  16. Deactivated User
    Jan 16, 2017

  17. Deactivated User
    Jan 16, 2017

  18. RaduPal
    Honeycomb Jan 16, 2017

    RaduPal , Jan 16, 2017 :
    How do you know that what you're seeing are specs of dust? Could you take a pic so we can cgeck it out too?

  19. rainmaker001
    Donut Jan 16, 2017

    rainmaker001 , Jan 16, 2017 :
    I'm not sure what you mean, but I've had my 3T for more than 3 weeks now and it's as good as new, I can't see any dust. Also, I don't use a case but I'm super careful. I don't put it on bare surfaces unless they're soft (bed, mousepad...)

  20. g_au
    Eclair Jan 17, 2017

    g_au , Jan 17, 2017 :
    It's really a non-issue because dust cant get under the glass due to the adhesive. Could be a lot worse and have dirty cloth for a speaker grille like the Pixel lol.

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