Echo in calls

  1. bundys
    Gingerbread Mar 15, 2018

    bundys , Mar 15, 2018 :

    My partner owns an OP2 that I gave him. The case is that always, I with her (OP5> OP2) I get a horrible echo in calls, it only happens to me and generally, after about 5-10s after establishing the call, with other people does not occur to me, so that my OP5 is not. The fact is that it happens the same with other people, because I hear it when someone calls, it is quite annoying. It happened in the last OOS available for OP2 and in a Custom ROM that I put in the last weeks with Android 8.1.

    With this casuistry, completely discarding problems of hardware or software of other mobile phones, the problem is in the OP2, the fact is that I do not know if ... editing the sound files like what happened in my old OnePlus One , we can solve something.

    What do you recommend? Remove a SIM? try to change it from slot? .... touch something in the configuration or an app that manages to do something with this? It has a call recording program, ACR, maybe it has something to do, I'll check the configuration.

  2. Rusty NZ
    Marshmallow Mar 15, 2018

    Rusty NZ , Mar 15, 2018 :
    Often echoes are caused by the second microphone hole that is located near the headphone jack getting blocked. Try cleaning it with a needle.

  3. bundys
    Gingerbread Mar 15, 2018

    bundys , Mar 15, 2018 :
    I tried to clean both microphones, but not have apparently more dirt. The echo continuous...

  4. Rusty NZ
    Marshmallow Mar 15, 2018

    Rusty NZ , Mar 15, 2018 :
    I had an echo once and I lowered the earpiece volume and that solved the problem.

    Maybe it is a hardware problem?
    One user took their phone apart and found the plastic tape cover over the microphone had never been removed! I'm not saying that is the issue, but if you have already tried custom roms and cleaning the microphone hole, then maybe the microphone itself could be the problem?

  5. bundys
    Gingerbread Mar 16, 2018

    bundys , Mar 16, 2018 :
    Maybe the volume is very high... I will try to use the phone of my girlfriend and use for two calls with the volume any low. I think too in a microphone replacement.