Elephone Vowney

    Froyo Aug 3, 2015

    KILLERMINDHACKER , Aug 3, 2015 :
    well, It all started from here, today is 3/8/2015, I have no phone and disparately waiting for the OnePlus2. But after watching and analyzing their so called "Invite" system, I am really pissed off. I live in Saudi Arabia and my Uncle is coming back from Canada before 20th August, and I can't think that I can get OnePlus2 because of "Invite" system.
    So what I am thinking of now is to buy Elephone Vowney, with AWESOME specs, which is also less in price than the OnePlus2, and also it has no FOR GOD SAKE "INVITE" system.(I wish the threads can be uncensored).
    I just need you guys reviews about the Elephone Vowney, what you guys think? and Should I buy it? Any Cons on this Phone.

    PS; (Keep in Mind)
    I currently have no phone.
    Elephone Vowney has Mediatek chip
    Elephone has better customer support than OnePlus.

    (If making threads about other company phones, and have no freedom of speech then feel free to delete this thread without telling me OnePlus Admins).

  2. arashhsh
    Honeycomb Aug 30, 2015

    arashhsh , Aug 30, 2015 :
    i am looking into this phone too. all i know is that the phone was only released on the 25th of august 2015. and i havent found a place or website to buy it from yet.
    let me know if you found something.
    i also think the vowney has way better specs than the OPT