Enable Always on Ambient Display on Oxygen OS 11 Beta 1 [Root-Magisk]

  1. philos64
    Community Hero 2020 Jan 24, 2021

    philos64 , Jan 24, 2021 :

    For those who would be interested in having AOD on their OP 7T a little early and under certain conditions, I found this to allow you to play with it. I found this process on XDA, tested it and it works.

    For this you will need to be root with Magisk and follow the process below, download Terminal Emulator on Google play and give it the root rights.
    Download this file: aodneble-not-flashable
    Unzip it, copy and paste the following file to the root of your OP 7T: aodneable.sh

    Open a window in Terminal Emulator, and you will see:
    :/ $
    su root
    and you are "Su" with this code
    :/ #
    The process:
    All you have to do is enable the feature, which is disabled in the "OPFeatures" framework. This is very simple, and can be done in two lines in a root terminal (ie. do "su" first):

    • Type these 2 command lines:
      • Code:
        setprop sys.aod.debug_support_always_on 1
        pkill systemui

    • After you have done this, the option to enable it will appear in Settings > Display > Ambient Display > Always on ambient display.
    • This doesn't survive a reboot, but you can have Magisk do it on boot for you. Only the first line is required for this (since SystemUI won't have started yet), simply drop the .sh file from the attached zip into /data/adb/service.d, set its permissions to rwxr-xr-x (chmod 755) and reboot.
      • Please note that the zip is not flashable and cannot be used as a Magisk module. Something as simple and temporary as this (hopefully anyway, OnePlus have said this feature will come later) doesn't need a full blown Magisk module.
    • Once you have completed this process, you will have AOD on your OP 7T even after several restarts, waiting for the OnePlus integrated version.
    Many thanks to @Quinny899, developer on XDA (Source)

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