[ENTRIES CLOSED] #PMChallenge – Design our next OxygenOS Feature

  1. subish983
    Eclair Feb 4, 2019

    subish983 , Feb 4, 2019 :
    it would be better if oneplus have also aaddedmanual connection for 2.4ghz network and 5ghz network the issue is that sometime wifi adapter is confused in pairing with either 2.4hz or 5ghz network so there would be random disconnection problem due to which there might be issue specially while play online game like PUBG
    next issue is HDR in potriat mide
    why not oneplus yes oneplus can bring HDR in potriat mode

  2. KarlBaker
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

    KarlBaker , Feb 4, 2019 :
    #PMChallenge, so my idea is probably not the most useful but IV seen this done on iPhone and I have to say I like it. You should make your music come out of the earpiece I know it's not gonna be the best quality but it'll still be less annoying than covering the speaker with your hand while watching a video or you have no earphones but you wanna listen to music so you just pop your phone to your ear (obviously make it turn on and off)

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  3. ashishkhandelwal2003
    Eclair Feb 4, 2019

    ashishkhandelwal2003 , Feb 4, 2019 :
    I would love to get Oxygen OS integerated with Google feed. Everyday I have to click on that little 'G' icon to see the feed; it would be better if I could access the same content by just left swiping on the home screen (as is the case with pixel or nexus devices).

  4. JoãoMacara
    Donut Feb 4, 2019

    JoãoMacara , Feb 4, 2019 :

    First of all, just want to say that i love Oneplus and would really like to see this implemented because it would make the Oneplus experience even better.

    Who are the users?
    All Oneplus users that witness screen tearing when scrolling and the lack of a smooth experience consistently.
    This issue happens to a lot of users and might make them think twice about buying another oneplus device, but fortunately i think this is the answer.

    What is the proposed function?
    Allow users to sync the refresh rate of the screen with the gpu and lock it to 60 fps minimum. Just like a toggle in the developer options, so that the people who witness it (the screen tearing when scrolling) have a way to fix it.
    I understand that it may affect battery life, but would make the experience way better and smoother and it's a compromise the users would be willing to make.

    - Have you ever scrolled in an Iphone XS? It has a 120Hz Touch Sensing, meaning it still has a 60Hz display for battery life but with the touch sample rate being at 120Hz. This makes the animations start quicker and look smoother and would make an Oneplus device have that premium feel inside and out.

    I'm not a fan of Iphones, i prefer Oneplus devices a lot better, but i recognize when a feature is great.

    What is the user value?
    Increase in smoothness when scrolling and a pleasuring experience when doing it, consistently.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    Besides the way Apple used to ''cheat'' the system but in a smart way (not needing to have a 120Hz display), the only comparable function its NVIDIA's G-SYNC, but that's not even in the smartphone industry yet...so...be the first to do it, make the difference, increase the gap between Oneplus performance, experience and smoothness and any other brand.
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  5. Somanath_Deepak
    Donut Feb 4, 2019

    Somanath_Deepak , Feb 4, 2019 :

    @Manu J.
    @David Y.

    I have few suggestions which are to be implemented in Oxygen OS:

    1) Provide an option to setup different password for apps, other than the using of same password which we use for screen lock or unlocking the phone.

    2) Provide face unlock feature for apps even.

    3) Provide an option to clear the cache memory.

    4) Improve more security features on phone like:
    - Password protection for hidden space
    - Password protection with space for hiding important photos in gallery
    - Provide antivirus security protection

    5) Provide an option for boosting the phone

    6) Improve selfie picture quality and add some more feature in camera like filter etc..,.

    Problems to be fixed in Oxygen OS (One Plus 6)

    => Screen flickering issue.

  6. MrBananaITA
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

  7. N1547830385079
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

  8. lokolars
    Eclair Feb 4, 2019

    lokolars , Feb 4, 2019 :

    Here is my suggestion......Please add an option, so you can turn off the 20 picture limit, when shooting pictures in burst mode. (Holding down the button)

    Kind regards
    Lars Schau
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  9. bharatb76
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2019

    bharatb76 , Feb 4, 2019 :
    Okay... Now this is a good opportunity... Let's see how much of these good ideas gets submitted into actual product.

    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

    VAMSHIGAMPALA , Feb 4, 2019 :
    one feature is live wallpapers , screen recorder , customisable themes , separate password for hidden area , separate passwords for apps

  11. Parmarsanjay431
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

    Parmarsanjay431 , Feb 4, 2019 :
    please add screenrecording app with internal audio recording. google does not allow it from 3rd party apps and thats the only thing makes necessary for me too either root or install a custom rom. it'll be great feature for gamers who just wants to record gameplays.

  12. Android450
    Marshmallow Feb 4, 2019

  13. F_Saran_KR_YSuS
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

    F_Saran_KR_YSuS , Feb 4, 2019 :
    Calling screens transparent and other phone service related things black ground may transparent optimistic other background running apps like Facebook app running in phone

  14. mohamed hemdan
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

    mohamed hemdan , Feb 4, 2019 :
    camera improvment like gcam
    battery improvment
    more customizations
    instructions how to use mobile and what it makes it go better
    dark mode more aggressive and make something exclusive for magisk users

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  15. Blue-agila
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 4, 2019

    Blue-agila , Feb 4, 2019 :
    Can you not use the player they already had

  16. Jaco2s__
    Donut Feb 4, 2019

    Jaco2s__ , Feb 4, 2019 :
    the time is always visible when i down the notification and quick settings

  17. melvin_dcosta
    Eclair Feb 4, 2019

    melvin_dcosta , Feb 4, 2019 :
    Totally agreed... the last one is totally required.

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  18. RafidAnjum
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

    RafidAnjum , Feb 4, 2019 :
    I am using 6T so all the advice are from my experience.

    Built-in native screen recording function with frame rate 120fps, bitrate 24mbps, sound quality 320kbps, audio sample rate 48000 Hz & audio channel Storeo

    High Quality optimized built-in Audio Player with the equlizer & 3D effect sound quality in both phone speaker & headphone

    A simple cache/junk cleaning built-in app (not with booster function)

    Phone font changing function

    Password protected recovery (stock recovery for anti reset protection)

    OnePlus anti-theft feature (not google one)

    Built-in temporary app permission feature (like"Bouncer" app)

    QR/Bar code reader

    Call Recording function (auto/manually)

    Auto Reply function both sms & call during a time

    PDF Scanner in built-in camera app

    AR Emoji in built-in Camera app

    Wi-Fi switcher between best Wi-Fi networks (not between Wi-Fi & Mobile Data)

    Function to connect with FTP Server in built-in File Manager app

    Function in built-in Gallery app to detect duplicate photo along with the power to choose best photo between the same photos

    Special Camera mode to took photo under water

    Feature to show my apps uses time in details

    Notch battery bar

    Function to disable power button in lock screen (so no one can shutdown or restart my phone from lock screen)

    & Last A suppppper smooth with super-dooper performance Oxygen OS !!
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  19. rishipandya31
    Donut Feb 4, 2019

    rishipandya31 , Feb 4, 2019 :
    You said "never settle".. help me to "get settled"...
    1. No Wallet app to save boarding passes and add the travel details to calendar & remainder app like apple has.
    2. No Zoom in web browsers or while using any web link in facebook or in any other app like apple has 3 finger tap gesture to zooming in anywhere.
    3. No sophisticated file manager which has recycle bin as a basic so that if you deleted something by mistake you can retrieve it back.
    4. No theme app like MI devices.
    5. No proper weather app like apple or Google which has far better graphics and user interface with necessary details.
    6. Fonts can't be bold and only 2 font styles, even Samsung provides better fornts in default.
    7. Too much empty space between two icons and old aged icon style in navigation bar and caller list - Android Pie specific
    8. In app drawer apps can not be rearranged in groups. Example in apple you can place all travel related apps together.
    9. No inbuilt email app where all the mail box you can have all together in one click - apple dose this better
    10. No inbuilt health app
    11. No inbuilt radio app
    12. Worst ever music quality in company's official earphones - if I use the same earphones in iPhone 6 than music quality goes 5x better
    13. Display Colors are not in balance in DCPI 3 and all Colors looks different after updating to android P.
    14. In Navigation bar data speed goes away while extended in full size
    15. Several Apps still not using full screen mode - understanding that developer needs to work but not even slightly optimisation observed.
    16. Camera in video recordering keeps crashing... Not fixed in pie....
    17. install app name smartsms... it's below 5 mb... tell me why can't u make default 5 mb app like that...
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  20. manojlisariya007
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019