[Entries Closed] Unbox the OnePlus 6 to Win Big!

  1. Joel Jacob
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    Joel Jacob , May 23, 2018 :

    And we have our winners! [drumroll]:
    On position 1 we have Sapan Mehta.

    And our runner up, the formidable Harsh Punjabi.

    Winners of the OnePlus Bluetooth Wireless earphones and OnePlus Backpacks will be contacted by the end of the week!

    A huge thanks to the community for putting their creative juices to work and sending us some wonderful entries. Stay tuned for more on #OnePlusUnboxing.

    Note :
    For those of you have received the vouchers, you can go ahead and use them at www.oneplus.in by applying your code on the "apply voucher" section of the checkout page.

    Greetings Everyone!

    After an eventful launch and an energy packed series of Pop Ups, we’ve stumbled upon a couple of unboxing videos that took the OnePlus 6 hype to another level. Based on all the interactions in the past few weeks, we know that all you folks have a lot of interesting things to say about the OnePlus unboxing experience. So, we want bring this opportunity to the community who loves to talk.

    With the OnePlus Unboxing contest, we're asking you to send in your unboxing photos and videos to show us how you unbox the OnePlus 6 and win big at the same time!

    You can follow these simple steps :
    1. Take a photo of the OnePlus 6 box with your username written on a piece of paper.
    2. Shoot a video of you unboxing your phone OR share photos of you doing the 3 unboxing steps ie. The Slit, The Drop and The Pop.
    3. Upload your photos/videos with #OnePlusUnboxing and make sure your posts are public. You can upload on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Forums by replying to this thread. But send your uploads or a link to your uploads by mail to india.marketing@oneplus.com in order to be eligible.
    4. Know your terms and conditions first! Link below.

    More on Slit, Drop and Pop :
    The right way to unbox the OnePlus 6 is to follow 3 key steps - "Slit, Drop and Pop”
    1. The Slit - Turn the box over so that the red part of the box is facing upwards. Take a sharp object and gently make an incision on the side so that you can peel off the plastic wrap.
    2. The Drop - The phone box consists of 2 parts (the white cover and the red box which contains the phone and accessories. Carefully hold ONLY the white cover and lift up the entire box (about 6-7 inches from the surface). Make sure your grip is such that the inner red box starts to slide downwards. The red part of the box will slowly slide down and drop off.
    3. The Pop - This is the final and the simplest part of the unboxing. To release the phone from the red box encasing, tug on the little piece of plastic stuck on the phone and protruding from the bottom. Gently lift it and voila! the phone will pop out.

    We’re looking for originality and creativity. Make this unboxing a treat to the OnePlus 6.

    Once you’re done uploading and sharing your unboxings, don't forget to send in your entries or send us a link to your entries at india.marketing@oneplus.com.

    The part everyone wants to know about : PRIZES.
    1. Every eligible entry wins a Rs.200 Cash Voucher.
    2. The best submission wins a OnePlus Mirror Black signed by Amitabh Bachchan
    3. The runner up wins the OnePlus Silk White Edition signed by Aditi Rao Hydari
    4. Following this, the next 40 best entries have a chance at winning OnePlus Bluetooth Wireless Earphones or OnePlus Travel Backpacks
    Do go through the terms and conditions here.

    Keep in mind:
    • One entry per person, and all content must be original.
    • Entries will be accepted until 12th June 11.59 Pm IST. Our team will pick the winners, which will be announced by June 18th 2018.
    It's worth noting that we will be running similar contests on our Facebook and Twitter pages besides the forums, so please don't cross-post your entries.

    UPDATE :
    The response so far has been incredible! We're glad to witness the creativity within our community. Let's keep those unboxings going.

    We have also been receiving queries from people who have already unboxed their phones. No worries! If you have your box, you can still record or take photos of your unboxings and be eligible for the contest. Wish you all the luck!
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  2. mangatinanda
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    mangatinanda , May 23, 2018 :
    Awesome! Keep them coming.

    P.S: I have done the unboxing for my OP6 already on may 22nd with my colleagues at office. One of them took a video of it and I will post the same for originality.

    P.P.S: Here is my entry. Most of the conversation in the video is in Tamil because it is from Chennai. I will ask my friend to add subtitles if needed.


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    OALEXANDER , May 23, 2018 :
    Wow.. Last year I did get a back cover. This time need to have a friend try as he has got his 6.

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    maniksingh10 , May 23, 2018 :
    There is a typo 6 instead of 5T--

    More on Slit, Drop and Pop :
    The right way to unbox the OnePlus 5T is to follow 3 key steps - "Slit, Drop and Pop”

    @Joel Jacob Can we post pics on the forums?? Replying on this thread?
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    Bouncer71 , May 23, 2018 :

    but first that sounded in my head like a brand new OP6 slips out of hand, falls on the floor and the Glassback breaks....

    then I read what it's all about...

    good to the participants...!


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