Ep 4 OPSAP via OnePlus Nord

  1. AnoushkaAlex
    Cupcake Dec 26, 2020

    AnoushkaAlex , via OnePlus Nord , Dec 26, 2020 :
    So idk if it's the fact that December is already my favourite month of the year, but I really enjoyed the month so much. With the new year approaching we had quite a few brainstorming sessions that put our minds to work on the kinda campaigns we could do this month and the upcoming year. We all caught up on calls after a very long time as we were caught up with exams and end sems.
    @ Content we worked on a few scripts for the upcoming projects.
    The second week's playlist this time had two of my favourite artists featured and I was so glad that they had a chance to be feature on the Mixtape.

    Towards the third week, we also started working on the EOY campaign from the student community end called Paper Planes. It was a project very special to me and I'm so glad to see it come to life.

    Excited for more.