ETA - When will Android Pie update arrive to the OP5/T?

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  1. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Mar 12, 2018

    youbi, Mar 12, 2018 :
    Hi guys,

    We all know this tends to happen around here every year (and this year it seems that it's starting even earlier). Most people can't wait to try the new Android dessert, and usually don't deal that great with the lack of ETA's*, so they tend to try and get a precise date for when the update will arrive. The issue here is that probably no one can really tell that, not even the dev team working on it.

    Software isn't exactly something you can say, "I will start working on it today to get the update ready in X days", it takes time and effort and has always lots of unpredictable situations. That's why you usually don't see ETA's for software updates, except some sort of vague suggestions like "Late fall" or that sort of stuff.

    So please, avoid asking a question no one will be able to answer, in the end is just like asking for lottery numbers, everyone will be able to make a prediction, but the actual result is almost impossible to guess.

    The only right answer for this will be:

    "The update will come when ready, and not a day before."

    Besides that, the only exercise that I think it's acceptable to do is to look to what Oneplus did last years with the updates and extrapolate to what it may happen this year. But even that is just pure guessing. So please, let's all try and let the devs do their work and don't flood the forum with the same question over and over. In the end you will be helping on keeping this community cleaner (therefor easy to follow to everyone) and also the moderators sanity.

    This thread will be pinned and closed (because there isn't really that much to discuss about an ETA that no one knows when will come), and all threads created to ask about this will be closed and get a duplicate content warning.

    If you want to talk about Android Pie in general, you can use this thread:


    Thanks for everyone help on making this community even better.

    *ETA - Estimate time of arrival, for those who don't know.

    EDIT 1:

    Yes, the Android Pie was officially launched by google on the 6 of August, but that doesn't really change anything since it still needs to be prepared for the rest of the devices by every brand.

    EDIT 2:

    Latest update about the status to bring Pie Update to the op5/T.

    EDIT 3:

    Update (30/11/2018)

    Again, Starting a new thread about asking software updates will be considered SPAM, liable for warnings/bans.