[EU Contest] Submission thread #OnePlusGoExplore

  1. Giuseppe Catanzaro Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

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    tomskimc, Jun 22, 2019 :
    An amazing solstice day visit to Skellig Michael (Ahch-To for the star wars fans) oneplus 3 #neverforget #OnePlusGo Explore
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  6. ANTHLD Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

    ANTHLD, Jun 22, 2019 :
    I know you should show a video but i didn't know there was a contest. So i just want to show you guys my longest day experience. I went to a castle in france with my best friends and we talked and laughed on that roof for hours. It was a moment i'll always remember.

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  12. shlokkhemani Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

    shlokkhemani, Jun 22, 2019 :

    Entry for the #OnePlusGoExplore competition.

    Used the excellent slow motion video mode on the #OnePlus 6.

  13. Impersonal Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 22, 2019

    Impersonal, Jun 22, 2019 :
    hello friends,
    Europe's greatest invention is football, so I spent the longest day watching the Euro U21 final tournament that is, where after a 20 years long absence Romania's team managed a surprise qualify, they were drawn in the hardest (death) group alongside the two main competition favorites, France and England, and the always good squad of Croatia, so no ambitions what so ever, we considered ourselves lucky to be able to play on the same pitch with the best, the first game was the "easy" one, against Croatia, and on the longest day of 2019, Romania U21 faced England U21, and it was a long, thriller match, Romania was up 1-0 in min 75, 1-1 by 79, 2-1 in 85, 2-2 in 87, and then the miracle happen, Romania managed to score two more times in extra time, by a substitute player ,defeating the England young lions squad (sending them home) and securing the points, this game is one of top 10 ever performances in the whole of Romanian football, and it comes after a very long time, heck most of the players on the field weren't even born last tine when we had a decent team, it is a true story of a underdog, and a positive example of NeverSettle philosophy, 21 years ago when Romania had (arguably) its greatest team, lead by (the king) Gheorghe Hagi, at the last WorldCup they qualified, they also defeated the England squad, today on the pitch the Romanian U21 squad was lead by another Hagi, Ianis, the son of the world renowned great player, who was born in that era, so parallels and reverberations over time were inevitable.... a day I will always carry with me and NeverForget full of raw passions emotions, hope, community, pride and nostalgia, a day in witch a bunch of kids proved that no matter the odds you should NEVERSETTLE, never limit yourself, never submit, and through hard work, perseverance and positive attitude you can have something truly great and inspiring... They brought joy, hope and happiness to millions of people whom lack it...

    ps:if there are football fans out there, I highly encourage you to watch the Euro U21 final turanment, is full of great players and a youth competition provides a glimpse in the future of the greatest sport on the planet

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  14. F_Aaron_Oliver_UteT Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

    F_Aaron_Oliver_UteT, Jun 22, 2019 :
    My first midsummer as a British man in Sweden! The traditions they hold and celebrate are incredible.
    It was such an amazing opportunity to not only celebrate with my girlfriend but with her family too. This Swedish life is beautiful

    Here's my clip of the maypole experience:

    Happy midsummer all, and good luck! :)

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    tomskimc, Jun 22, 2019 :
    Try posting it to YouTube and then share that link. Worked for me.

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