[EU] #ShotonOnePlus contest week 1: "Never Enough"


What is your favorite picture from last week?

Poll closed Aug 23, 2020.
  1. 1. John

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  2. 2. Riccardo

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  3. 3. Maikel

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  4. 4. Oskar

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  5. 5. Eleonora

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  6. 6. Franck

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  1. Vito B.
    Digital Media Manager Europe Staff Member Aug 5, 2020

    Vito B. , Aug 5, 2020 :
    TW_ShotOnOnePlus_week1 announcement_UK.png
    [Update 08/27/2020]
    We understand that every one of our community members would like to have the attractive prize from OnePlus products, yet we still hope that we shall compete in a proper way, which gives everyone an equal opportunity to win.
    Thanks to our community member, we were informed that one of the selected pre-entry work is not originally from the uploader. To be fair, the prize will be given to the third place owner.
    Hope everyone would be an active participant to our week 3 submission and week 2 voting. We are looking forward to share the stunning moment with you through OnePlus camera!

    Here are your 2 winners for Week 1:
    45_John awad redux.jpg 1. John
    111_riccardo torre redux.jpg 2. Riccardo

    [Update 08/17/2020]
    After many hours of selection, it is now time for you to vote! We have selected 10 of best pictures, and now you have to choose the one your prefer.
    Here are the 10 finalists for this week:

    45_John awad redux.jpg 1. John
    111_riccardo torre redux.jpg 2. Riccardo
    138_maikel redux.jpg 3. Maikel
    167_Oskar redux.jpg 4. Oskar
    324_eleonora reudx.jpg 5. Eleonora
    434_franck.jpeg 6. Franck
    443_nikos redux.jpg 7. Nikos
    453_Arnaud Maxit redux.jpg 8. Arnaud​
    511_jesus.jpg 9. Jesùs
    897_kari redux.jpg 10. Kari

    Greetings Community,

    The entire Europe OnePlus team is very happy to welcome you this summer to our #ShotonOnePlus2020 challenge. During the next four weeks, we will give you four different challenges and lots of different tips thanks to our community photographers.
    This is your chance to show your photography skills and get a chance to win a pair of our newly launched OnePlus Buds and an Explorer Backpack. Are you up to the task?

    For this first week, the #ShotonOnePlus contest encourages you to have a wide look at your city. From small buildings that let you have a clear view of the background to skyscrapers that reflect light, you have thousands of opportunities to take epic wide-angle shots.

    • To guide you on this, we asked one of our community members to help. I will let him introduce himself:
    · My name is Giacomo Mantovani and I have been into photography since when I was a teenager, when uncle Massimo — AKA Max — introduced me to analogue photography. My favourite subjects have always been deserted places and buildings, a theme that became the focus of my photographic research during my time at university, in Venice, Italy, and which achieved its highest peak this year, with the project @LCKDN20, based on documenting the ‘abandoned’ streets of London, during the lockdown. At that time, I would have never imagined that one day I would have been able to take amazing pictures with a smartphone, but when I got my first OnePlus device — the OnePlus One — I realised that day had finally come. It was kind of revolutionary to finally have such a powerful camera, straights from my pockets. From that moment began my journey into mobile photography and filmmaking producing pictures, award-winning short films — such as ‘Lightning’ — and commercial videos — such as the ‘Slow Motion Series’ — entirely shot on the latest OnePlus devices.
    • Where do you like to take your pictures?
    I love both shooting wild nature and cities. Especially where it’s possible to get shots free from people. I don’t know why, but I am deeply attracted by the surreal and almost metaphysical atmosphere sparkled by those shots.

    • So, Giacomo, what’s the best place in London to take a city wide-angle shot?
    There are so many places in London where you could get outstanding wide-angle shots. Some of my favorites are definitively the areas around Piccadilly Circus and Liverpool Street. It’s there that you can get the most out of a wide-angle shot, thanks to the proportion between the space and the huge buildings, something that the OnePlus 8 Pro ultra-wide-angle lens is capable of capturing like only few other cameras can.

    • Which function on the OnePlus 8 Series do you like the most? Which mode you like the best?
    It’s difficult to mention my favorite feature, since the camera offers everything we need to get the right shot in every single situation. For example, the main camera is perfect in almost all situations; Nighscape allows you to shoot pictures in extreme low light, especially in those scenarios where most of the DSLR out there would simply give up, unless you use a tripod; the Pro Mode allows you to shoot in RAW and complete manual mode, which is great when you know what to do and want to move to an expert level; Macro allows you to shoot things your own eye cannot see in such extreme detail; and Portrait Mode allows you to get extraordinary portrait shots of your friends, relatives or models, with the same beautiful depth of field that only a DSLR with fast lens would be capable of; and 4K video, which is so good I actually produced award-winning short films with it. I mean, we are not talking about a phone, but a miniaturized and complete camera kit, which can shoot in every condition and satisfy any stylistic/artistic need, empowering both the professionals and those who have absolutely zero technical knowledge, to get amazing shots with no effort at all.

    • Which camera do you use the most?
    I tend to use a lot the telephoto and the ultra-wide-angle lenses.

    For example, London offers infinite opportunities to shoot interesting patterns/textures/compositions, especially where the long or tall buildings stretch far away. In those cases, the telephoto lens is the camera to go with, to get that amazing repetition of windows, columns and structures. In such cases, I find it nicer to avoid framing objects — such as tree branches or light posts — which would interrupt or just break those beautiful patterns.

    Or the ultra-wide-angle lens, in those cases where the buildings or subjects are simply too big or tall to be framed with the main camera, but also in those cases in which I want to really portray the vastness of a place.

    And Nightscape. This is just the only way I can get shots in low light without the need of a tripod. In those cases, all I have to do is to frame the shot and hold the device still for a second or less, while the camera is shooting, and that’s it. The best results can be achieved in those situations where there is a good balance between artificial lights and darkness, so the city is absolutely the subject to go for.

    • Can you share some examples and your tips on how to take a particular picture?
    Framing the subject is everything. I always try to keep the subject in a position that easily drives the attention to it, taking advantage of the perspective to emphasize its visual impact. In the case of the picture shot in Covent Garden, the ultra-wide-angle lens helped me to properly capture the perspective — with the lines heading to the center of the image. That way the attention of the viewer is initially attracted to the center, and immediately after moved toward the little square with the empty tables at the bottom. Aside from the framing, the next step would be to adjust the exposure to give slightly more light to the architecture. The HDR helps to get a good balance between the light of the sky and the building.

    IMG_20200608_184337.jpg IMG_20200608_184337 2.jpg

    In the case of the picture of Paternoster Sq. — close to St Paul — the bright lines extending from the Paternoster Column help driving the attention to the empty benches, in the deserted square, with the cupola of St Paul cathedral emerging in background. Also in this case the ultra-wide-angle helps achieving the best possible composition.

    IMG_20200403_171536.jpg IMG_20200403_171536 2.jpg
    • Do we need special gear?
    I don’t use any gear, apart from a small pocket smartphone tripod, but only when I want to take shots of the milky way and stars. In that case I would also opt for the Pro Mode, as it allows me to use long exposures — such as 30 seconds — select a correct ISO and focus to infinity.

    • If you have just 3 tips to take the best pictures, what would they be?
    Well, the elements that matter the most when taking the pictures are: the subject, the framing and the light — and I am not talking about the exposure of the shot itself, but the direction from where the light is coming from and hitting the subject.

    The subject, no matter what it is, should be something that somehow stands out from or integrate the rest. It doesn’t have to be something unique, but something that the eye can immediately be attracted to look at.

    The framing, I don’t just mean the placement of the subject in your shot, but rather the position of the subject in regards to the background surrounding it. For example, if I would shoot a building, I would try to frame it so that building will be in a sort of balance/harmony with the background.

    Lastly but not least, talking about light, it’s important to consider the direction from where the light is coming from — as well as its intensity — as those elements will drastically affect the way the subject looks. For me it’s therefore a priority to be in the right place, at the right time of the day. If the light hits the subject straight in front of it — in respect of where I am shooting it from —, it would make it look flat, as shadows will be not visible — in that case, if you move on the side, you will be able to get a picture richer in contrast, as there will be an healthy balance between lights and shadows.

    As you can see in the picture below, the light goes through the trees, creating an amazing composition of shadows, that follow the pattern of the tree-lined sidewalk in front of the British Museum. In that case, the Telephoto lens helps capturing the long sidewalk, where perspective helps driving the attention of the viewer toward the end, through that beautiful symphony of repeating elements made of telephone boxes, railings, trees and their shadows.


    My suggestion for anyone interested to step into the world of photography, is to start seeing instead of just looking, with a conscious and curious eye. Amazing camera kits such as those of the OnePlus 8 Pro, 8 or Nord definitively allows you to get slick results in all situations, but seeing the world from new points of view will allow to snap more mature and interesting pictures.

    You know how to start, now it is your turn to share your best wide-angle shot and share it on social media with #ShotonOnePlus and try to win the OnePlus Buds and an Explorer Backpack.

    For more informations, go to #ShotonOnePlus

    For our Indians friends, you also have a contest HERE.

    May the OnePlus be with you!

  2. Rajnish_Dhull
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  3. Cakepips
    User of the Year 2020 Aug 11, 2020

    Cakepips , Aug 11, 2020 :
    Ooh bring it on! I can finally do a photography challenge! :blush: (Though, no where near the city scapes atm... I have a good idea if I manage to get to it before week 1 closes)

    @Vito B. , You mention both the 8 and Nord, can us other OnePlus users with the wide lens enter? (Sounds like a stupid question but just want to double check!)

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  4. jlasensiofi
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    jlasensiofi , Aug 11, 2020 :
    Awesome @Vito B.! 🙌😍

    Photos and tips Giaccomo they are spectacular. He has always been one of my guides in the world of photography since I learned about his work with OnePlus. What he describes and the photographic samples demonstrate his great professionalism.

    All my admiration and congratulations for this great initiative 🙌🔥🔝👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😍

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    Z1597146668733 , via OnePlus 5 , Aug 11, 2020 :
    yeah, been thinking the same thing

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  6. Vito B.
    Digital Media Manager Europe Staff Member Aug 11, 2020

    Vito B. , Aug 11, 2020 :
    It is open to all OnePlus devices ;-) Let your creativity shine!

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  7. Cakepips
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    Cakepips , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Aug 11, 2020 :
    Whoo hoo! Time to get out the house ha [e]1f602[/e] (creativeness with safety of course).

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    Made this pic last week in my hometown Amsterdam :)



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