[EU] #ShotonOnePlus contest week 3: "Never Rest"


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  1. 1. Adriano

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  3. 3. Apostolos

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  4. 4. Arnaud

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  5. 5. Danilo

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  6. 6. Emmanouil

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  7. 7. Gonçalves

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  8. 8. Jere

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  9. 9. Marco

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  10. 10. Segismundo

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  1. Vito B.
    Social Media FR & UK Staff Member Aug 21, 2020

    Vito B. , Aug 21, 2020 :
    [Update 08/31/2020]

    We have a fresh batch of finalists for this week's contest. Check them below and vote now!

    1. Adriano
    Adriano Canova.jpg


    3. Apostolos
    Apostolos Kampouris.jpg

    4. Arnaud

    5. Danilo
    Danilo Salemi.jpg

    6. Emmanouil
    Emmanouil Sfiridakis.jpg

    7. Gonçalves
    Gonçalves Tiago.jpg

    8. Jere
    Jere Huusari.jpg

    9. Marco

    10. Segismundo


    UK_ShotonOnePlus WEEK 3 NIGHT TWITTER.png
    Greetings Community,

    We are impressed! We have seen some amazing entries for last week topic, showing how talented our Community is. You can now vote for your favorite “Never Bored” picture HERE.

    Now, let’s kick-off this week’s subject, and let’s go to the dark side. “Never Rest” is the subject, Nightscape is the tool, and you are the master.

    • To guide you on this, we asked one of our community members to help. I let him first introduce himself:

    I am Aishy, French photographer and OnePlus Ambassador, I love photographing at night and creating cyberpunk atmospheres, I am self-taught in photo and video, I first started on YouTube in 2012, then in 2014 I bought my first camera. I had a job as a graphic designer that I left to make photography my career in 2017 and a few months later I presented my first photo exhibition in an art gallery; since then I continue to bring my passion to life and exhibit my job. I joined the OnePlus France community starting with a photo capsule in Japan, shot on the OnePlus 7T Pro capturing the night from Tokyo to Osaka., Not everyone can handle a professional camera, and I appreciate the accessibility to professional grade photography that OnePlus offers with their smartphone camera..

    • Where do you like to take your pictures?
    I love to photograph at night, especially in urban and big cities.Japan is a great source of inspiration in my work and i love playing with lights and colors to create a cyberpunk universe in my photos. I also like to explore the serenity of a remote place, for example I am currently on a roadtrip in a van, 2500km from Iceland and shooting its vast landscapes with my OnePlus 8 Pro while I answer these questions.

    • So, Aishy, what’s the best place in Paris to take a city nightscape shot?
    Paris is quite photogenic. I enjoyed getting lost at night when exiting a metro, on the quayside by the Seine, but what I appreciated the most was the defense district, with these tall buildings, perfect for exploiting the wide-angle capabilities of the OnePlus 8 Pro with the Nightscape mode.

    • Which function on OnePlus 8 Series you like the most? which mode you like the best?

    The OnePlus 8 Pro is a complete package. It offers different really very interesting modes; one of my favorite is the pro mode, because it allows you to act manually on all the different camera settings (ISO, exposure time, whites balance etc.). For someone like me who likes to master all aspects of his image it is really the perfect mode. In addition it allows to capture in RAW in order to be able to rework the image in a retouching software if you want to push the possibilities even further! But there are many other interesting functions likethe Nightscape mode for night time photography. Really fantastic for taking pictures simply in low light condition. If you like small everyday details the macro mode is for you to capture the tiny subjects. Portrait and slow-motion modes are also very efficient.

    Finally, I would say that the auto modeis good enough to make beautiful photos accessible to all with great details and beautiful color fidelity. But if you want to take photography even further, the OnePlus 8 Pro has a whole set of features designed for making the most of your creativity!

    • Which camera you use the most?

    I use pro mode and telephoto a lot.

    My photography is a mix between light atmosphere and color retouching to create cyberpunk night scenes for which I need to be able to manage each of the camera settings in order to adjust the exposure of my image according to the light source that I want to highlight. The Parisian night is filled with light sources of different intensities and the pro mode really allows me to manage the balance of my image when shooting so that I can then create the complete scene in my editing software.

    I also love the telephoto lens, because it allows me to compose my image around a single subject at a distance, for example, if an element in the urban landscape visually appeals to me but the surrounding scenery is not very interesting, I will use the telephoto lens to compose my image only around my subject.

    • Can you share some example and your tips on how to take a particular picture?

    For this series in Paris I only used the wide angle nightscape mode. A If I can give any one advice relating to this, try to think in series for the production of coherent images. It stimulates creativity.

    For night photos you have to be patient. Take the time to explore and find interesting light atmospheres. Once you have found a scene to photograph, you must now think about the composition. Try to take the same subject under different angles and do not hesitate to squat or conversely to gain height (while remaining careful) and approach metal or glass elements to play with the reflections in the material. Night has its own properties that will make you creative in playing with colors. Personally, I love going out to photograph in the rain (or just after) the ground shines and you capture a lot more reflections.

    If you want to use the pro mode I advise to first set the exposure time manually and you can easily go up to 1/15, then mount the ISOs according to your scene to expose correctly; do not go up a lot to avoid having noise in your images.


    For this photo I saw a large expanse of water in front of these buildings. It was the perfect moment to use my tripod with the OnePlus 8 Pro. I set the height at the level of water to have a line of trailing at the base of the skyscrapers, and get a nice reflection of these. With the wide angle mode it was perfect to have them entirely in my frame. Nightscape mode automatically detects when you are on a tripod and will then take a long exposure to capture more light, and get this result full of details at night.


    This wide-angle image is interesting because I placed several subjects in it. I wanted to highlight the tower, and I saw this illuminated sign, so I got closer to it to place it in my scene. I had a second interesting subject for this photo-there was in addition a mirror in front, I then positioned myself so as to see my reflection in it for this image. And this is the strength of a multi-subject image where we first look at it as a whole then we let our eye get lost inside to find a multitude of living details.


    I found this point of view while climbing along a building. On the safety staircase there was a very nice view on this crossroads and a source of pink lights which lit the whole area. The Nightscape mode allowed me to capture that colorful scene in a fraction of a second. The Night is full of surprises when you love to explore, and the wide angle of the OnePlus 8 Pro is perfect for capturing them. Be curious.

    • Do we need special gears?
    Not really. The OnePlus 8 Pro already has everything you need. But for the night photo I can, for example, use a tripod to take photos with a longer exposure time. It's really great to be able to do that with a phone.

    • Have you tried our new Nord? What you think about the new product?
    Yes, I have the new OnePlus Nord, and I find it really good at photography. It has many modes as well. The main 48Mpx photo sensor comes directly from the OnePlus 8 which makes it an excellent product.

    • If you have 3 tips to take the best pictures, what will they be?

    1-Try: don't be afraid to experiment, you are free to photograph as you see fit. You can play with motion blur for example, dare to be creative!

    2- master your overall light technique as it's very important. Try different exposures to see which ones offer the best contrast. Play with colors.Try several compositions for the framing of your image and identify the best one. Use a tripod or put your phone on a stable stand for long exposures with Nightscape mode.

    3- Concentrate on your subject, if you are new to photography, start by taking pictures with a single subject and concentrate your focus on it. Then capture images with several subjects taking care to succeed in focusing the attention on each of them. Somewhere between both these scenarios you will find the balance and for me this is a very interesting point to have full of life photos.

    Now it is your turn to see the unseen and try our Nightscape mode. Share your best shots on social media with #ShotonOnePlus and try to win the OnePlus Buds and an Explorer Backpack.

    For more informations, go to #ShotonOnePlus

    May the OnePlus be with you!

  2. john.awad
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    john.awad , Aug 25, 2020 :
    That's an awesome theme this week! I love night photography, especially the night sky. You never know what might come streaking across!

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  3. Gio567full
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    JelleZon , Aug 25, 2020 :

    Especially skylines are looking amazing with nightscape! 👌🏼

  5. Cakepips
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    Cakepips , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Aug 25, 2020 :
    Time for Week 3, Nightscape!

    Yessss Aishy. Your nighscapes are gorgeous on twitter. [e]1f60d[/e] [e]2665[/e]️

    Don't know if I'll be able to do this one but I'll try! 🤔

    Once again, thanks for choosing mine in Top 10 for Week 2! (Go vote for 4! [e]263a[/e]️)

    Froyo Aug 25, 2020

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    jlasensiofi , Aug 25, 2020 :
    Wooooooow, what wonderful photos! :hearteyes: Thanks @Vito B. for this new week ;)
    Ayshi is a true magician of this mode of photography and her work is a pleasure to see. Thanks also for the advice :)

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    Shot Using OnePlus7pro


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