[EUROPE] OP3 screen repair - cost and time?

  1. cohaolain
    Honeycomb Oct 3, 2016

    cohaolain , Oct 3, 2016 :
    Sent a friend's phone back for him after he smashed it in less than a week....(yeah).
    Just wondering what the approximate cost of the repair (screen is the only thing that's damaged. Digitiser doesn't work though) and how long it might stick around in Germany :)
    They're using UPS, which I'm pleasantlyntly surprised by. I've always found them to be one of the most reliable couriers here (Ireland) even if they have no warehouses near me whatsoever... But after shipping this afternoon, I'm told they'll have it in Germany tomorrow. Hopefully the same speed back. So it's a matter of how long the repair people will have it.

    Any info appreciated! :)

  2. Tokolozi
    The Lab Reviewer - OPPO Find N Oct 3, 2016

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  3. Belteral
    Cupcake Oct 5, 2016

    Belteral , Oct 5, 2016 :
    That's right.
    Mine came back after I made the request three weeks ago and sent the phone two days after.
    Mine digitizer still worked even though the screen was cracked, but the two are actually a single component so it should be around 104 euros (shipping back and forth included).

    A couple comments:
    - keep a tail on Arvato (the repair contractor). They are not the most communicative company (to say the least). If you don't get a quotation for repairs three business days after the day on which UPS indicates that the phone arrived at their plant, make a request through Oneplus customer support. In my experience they've been very responsive and efficient at providing answers.
    - Arvato won't inform you on the repair process or when they'll send back the phone either. On this Arvato website you can get information on the current status. But it can be a bit cryptic and as far as I am aware you won't get the UPS tracker for the phone sentback on this website. For that again ask Oneplus customer support.
    - And it is indeed pretty important that you get info on the UPS delivery as the overall cost for repair and shipment will have to be paid IN CASH by hand to the delivery man (damn medieval...). So you should have your cash handy and consider working from home on the day of the delivery...

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  4. vivayasmin
    Cupcake Oct 5, 2016

    vivayasmin , Oct 5, 2016 :
    I live in the Netherlands and it took my device 5 weeks in total to be repaired and sent back to me from Germany. No communication from them, they didn't reply to the emails I sent them

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  5. mywolf2
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 5, 2016

    mywolf2 , Oct 5, 2016 :
    rule of thumb only use oneplus to fix the screen none of these 40 pound fly by night shops buy cheap pay twice :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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  6. nikkirulof
    Cupcake Oct 17, 2016

    nikkirulof , Oct 17, 2016 :
    And how much did it cost?

  7. Dylan SJ Perez
    Froyo Oct 17, 2016

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  8. cue_killar
    Cupcake Oct 23, 2016

    cue_killar , Oct 23, 2016 :
    I broke my screen, I posted my phone on 14th September. It went all quiet for a while until I took my case to live chat and things started to pick up. I recieved my phone back on 19th October. The screen wasn't put in properly and I got a bit worried but with a bit of pressure I popped it in and it works fine, phew! It cost me just under £90 but that could differ on your phones situation/shipping prices.
    For payment they gave me their bank details and I had to make a bank transfer in advance before they would repair the phone.

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  9. cohaolain
    Honeycomb Oct 23, 2016

    cohaolain , Oct 23, 2016 :
    Same thing here, bank transfer required.

    I have a tracking number now, phone should be here next week :) Cost €106.02

  10. vivayasmin
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2016

    vivayasmin , Oct 29, 2016 :
    It costed 103,-

    So sorry for the late reply!

  11. Jamal751
    Honeycomb Oct 30, 2016

    Jamal751 , Oct 30, 2016 :
    Or DIY like someone else demonstrated in their thread

  12. mywolf2
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 2, 2016

    mywolf2 , Nov 2, 2016 :
    it looks so easy on you tube till you try it yourself been there done that never again never never

  13. Jamal751
    Honeycomb Nov 2, 2016

    Jamal751 , Nov 2, 2016 :
    Ive never done it so I dont know how it is, ill take your word for it ;)

  14. G_Matias_Arola_gqWJ
    Cupcake Nov 3, 2016