Everything you need to know: OnePlus 7 Pro Popups

  1. DavidFS
    Donut May 18, 2019

    DavidFS , May 18, 2019 :
    Please have one in Sri Lanka next time! There definitely is a client base over here provided the prices are right and you guys certainly deliver on all those points! ;)

  2. G_sian_ul_haque_rafsan_n
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

  3. M1538053219194
    Cupcake May 23, 2019

    M1538053219194 , May 23, 2019 :
    I have had the OnePlus 7Pro with 12GB ram for 2 days and I keep finding software bugs. I have had the 5T and 6 and never experienced any of these - this is why I moved on from the Galaxy S6 Edge..

    Some of the bugs I found:
    1. Gesture controls are turned on, when swiping up from bottom right corner of the screen, sometimes the phone wouldn't go back
    2. Whatsapp and Messanger calls - when I put the person on loudspeaker, the max audio volume is really low
    3. On a call sometimes the screen wouldn't switch off to prevent accidental touches
    4. Notification bubbles sometimes freeze (Messanger) and I am unable to scroll up or down on them - I need to close them completely and reopen
    5. I had a phone call drop out twice in an area with full coverage
    6. I had netflix crashing with the default android pop-up asking me to report or re-open application
    7. On notifications on the home screen, after quickly reviewing a notification by dragging and swiping to expand, sometimes the whole screen freezes, so I need to put the phone to sleep and again wake it up to expand the notification
    8. It warms up doing simple tasks like writing this post
    9. Issues with audio - sometimes the phone is really loud and at others its barely noticeable.

    I do not believe the problem to be a hardware one.. it's a software issue - the whole reason I am on OnePlus phone is that it was void of bugs.

    Anyone else having issues? The phone is so new, there is little info online..

    Running Latest 9.5.4.GM21BA