Experience at a OP Service Centre (Fourtech Computers, Pune)

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    Sush479 , Dec 3, 2014 :
    How that happened...The Incident
    My phone had an accident on 10th Oct and ever since, I had been awaiting the moment when the service centres in India become operational so that I could get it serviced. I was lucky enough to have the name of Pune listed with a service centre.

    A day after the official announcement of the service centres, I brace myself for the ultimate experience called 'The Service Centre'. Upon driving for somewhere around 35 km, I reach the heart of the city where the service centre is located. And there I was, staring at a old G+2 building whose ground floor was no used anymore. It looked typical of Pune's ancient buildings except the fact that it wasn't old enough.

    On reaching the service centre, it looked like any other that I had visited previously providing me the same horrendous feeling of a "...." (U know somebody who keep asking for the thing he/she actually owns but isn't getting it nonetheless). I wait for my turn to come, hoping that OP stands out in the crowd and I have a great news for all of you who have been eagerly waiting to know how the service centres in India are gonna start operation.

    When my turn comes, I open the neatly packed OPO (Albeit broken - See my sign) and show the receptionist what was left of my Smartass Phone. And guess what, let alone recognizing the phone, she is like "Is it a Lenovo phone?" (The same centre provides service to Xiaomi, Lenovo, HCL, Obi). I say to myself, "Chill you are their first customer from OP and so don't worry". I try to tell her that this is a 'OnePlus' phone and she is completely blank about it. The next thing she does is calls up her manager, who is prudent enough to come out of his cabin to see what actually was she talking about.

    He sees the phone and asks me point blank " What is this phone? Is OnePlus a mobile brand?" and believe me guys, I wanted to smash that phone right then and there. My heart had sank to the deepest part of the ocean for I had bought this phone after a period of 6 months of wait (had been saving up for the right kind of phone for past2 years) and paid 4.5k extra just for this phone to cross the Indian border against the will of my parents.

    The next things I do is call up the 'Customer Support Hotline' for resolving the issue. The guy on the other end of the phone politely asks for my details with the IMEI no. and after I had explained the situation requests me to keep the line on hold so he could get me a solution to which I oblige. This happens only to never actually get back to me. I'm holding my phone, the manager in front of me, people staring. Post 5 minutes, the manager requests to be back in a moment. 15 minutes past, the only thing happening on the phone is the hold tone going on. I cut the phone in the end.... (The hold tone had actually deafened me for a moment or so).

    Coming out of the office, I try again but no use. The phone won't even connect this time around. I'm standing outside the office in the parking thinking "What now?" and the thought of throwing the OPO in the dustbin crosses my mind (Not that I would actually do it). I decide to give it a final try before I leave. This time it does connect and another polite guy answers again and we go through the routine once again to reach a point where he asks me to hold and I literally keep my fingers crossed. The phone is answered this time after 3 mins. for a senior to whom I again explain the situation and he asks me to hand over the phone to the manager to resolve the issue. I ran to the receptionist and tell her that this call is from the company and they need to talk to the manager here. She goes to the manager cabin and hands over the phone to the manager.

    After a brief period, the manager comes out and tells me the phone is on hold tells me to hand it over to him when the phone is being answered from the other end (He had another call to attend to). Again a brief hold tone for 3 mins., then I hand over the phone to the manager. As I could here, the manager explained to him that he had no idea of the OnePlus as a company itself (to which I frowned yet again). Then the phone was handed over to me and the person on the other end explained to me that 'They had been trying to get in touch with the regional manager to sort out the issue but his phone was not reachable. They would sort out the issue and get back to me till today evening. And that he was very sorry about the whole incident.'

    I was speechless and began realising what a big mistake I had done the whole time by investing 2 years of my savings on a phone which I couldn't even get repaired.
    The guy on the phone told me that they were yet to give the authorisation letter to the service centre and that the problem would be resolved shortly.

    What! You announce the names of service centres (The only one in Pune) and yet the service centre has no authorisation letter signed for it or any idea of any such company as OP.
    The biggest thing is, when I requested the manager to check up with somebody privy with the matter for such an association he tells me "I am the one who is supposed to know such things and take it from me there is no such association. Infact I have no idea about the company named OnePlus"

    @Carl : Is your company really dedicated to India or the customers as a whole?
    @Vikas : How come the Manager of Service Centre is unaware of the company named OnePlus? (Saving on marketing...)

    Will keep you guys updated....

    Update 1:
    As was supposed to be, today I got a call from one of the HCL guy saying that things have been lined up and I can visit the Service Centre today. They will be needing a few days before the can completely assess the condition of the phone and suggest what needs to be done.

    Also some time back, I got a PM from one of the OP staff members and it said:
    I am sorry for such an incident. We are investigating that what went wrong. Meanwhile please provide me your Contact Number. ######(Something I am not supposed to disclose)


    Going to the Service Centre once again

    Update 2:
    Had been to the Service Centre and finally they acknowledged the fact that they will indeed be handling the servicing part for OP. I was supposed to meet Mr. Mohan More (Supposedly the manager - Same guy who yesterday asked me if OP was a mobile company). He asked me to deposit the phone at the counter and said they would assess the damage (Under out-of-warranty condition for physical damage) and get back to me as soon as possible. On second thoughts, he just wanted to see the phone and on seeing the broken glass and the bend of the body said it couldn't be serviced and I would have to dump the phone altogether. On requesting to atleast check if anything at all was possible, he replied 'Even if we did the repairs, the cost would be much more than a new OPO'. (He even asked me the cost of the phone)

    On my way back, I was thinking what was to be done with the phone and assuring myself that I had bought a rather expensive Audrino board (Costing Rs. 26.5k with duties) which could be used for my future project on image processing. (I am a Mechanical Design Engineer). Standing at a signal, I got a call from Mr. Sourabh (HCL Customer Support) to check on how things were panning out. On explaining the situation he asked me to wait near the Service Centre itself so he could refer his department head and see if he could come up with some solution on the issue.

    After having waited for some 15-20 mins. I got a call back from Mr. Sourabh. He said, 'Nothing could be done at the moment but assured that he was looking into ways as to how the issue could be resolved asap.' He would be getting in touch with me as and when he has some news for me.

    Update 3:
    Just got a call from OnePlus Support stating that in case of an irrepairable physically damaged phone, (as in my case) there is nothing that the company could do and I would have to dump the phone and buy a new one.
    And now, I'm officially screwed !

    Update 4:
    Now a days, a nice song always comes to my mind whenever I'm thinking about my OPO
    It goes,
    "मुझे छोड दो, मेरे हाल पे,
    झिंदा हुं यार, काफी है !"
    "Let me be, as I am,
    Being alive is adequate"

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    agrawal.piyush5 , Dec 3, 2014 :
    omg that was a horrible experience. This should have been done before actually launching the phone. However Its just second day from launch, i think we should give them some time to fix this.

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    phonefanatic , Dec 3, 2014 :
    These thing were bound to happen...unlike xiaomi who first launched the service centers in my state (Kolkata) before the launch of the phone..OP didn't bother to first tie up with the service center before and that led to these huge mishap from there side...I hope in the coming weeks they surely start service centers to give service for OP otherwise all I see a long downhill climb for OP in the coming future....BTW these nitty gritty essentials make me feel happy that i am still not receiving the invite before the company OP becomes really stable in India...
    Anyhow just hope that they clean all this crap soon so you can again use ur 1+1 ....may the force be with you :)

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    ramu.eedupalli , Dec 3, 2014 :

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    parimalduddalwar , Dec 3, 2014 :
    thanks for sharing this info.. feeling after hearing about your phone.. but hope it will get well soon..

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    dr.kkpandey , Dec 3, 2014 :
    yesterday i ordered my opo...but after this incidence, i m thinking to return it back....

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    vikramg2014 , Dec 3, 2014 :
    Very frustrating indeed! However, it is likely that they have just launched in India and need time to get the systems in place. They may not have anticipated many pre-launch OPOs too needed servicing. Keep calm and keep following them up with the issue. Hopefully, it will be resolved.

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    chetanpatil , Dec 3, 2014 :
    I am from Pune too. That was terrible experience. And good part is that you are sharing it with us. It appears OPO service center is going to be just another service center in India. They simply do not care for customers. OPO might be good in Hardware specs and OS etc. But what matters is good post sales service and it appears to be missing in the beginning.

    I have no option keep myself positive in this case, as I have ordered OPO yesterday and shall be getting during today.

    I wish these 1+ leadership team would not turn out to be another providers likewise Micromax & Karbon, when it comes to post sales service.

    @Carl @Vikas - Hope you would have a look at this thread, which would help you in the start up phase in India.

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    apoorvthacker , Dec 3, 2014 :

    dude i feel sorry for u for sure, but in india its very naive of you to expect that the day phone launched its customer care centers would start working! u should have called first and asked before driving 35kms!

    i am not defending what happened to you...it was sad i agree and i hope you get better service later, just make sure they are operational before going there

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    apoorvthacker , Dec 3, 2014 :
    yeah return it go on man! i am sure you ordered thinking wow i'll take this to service center soon! :p

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    gauravanshu , Dec 3, 2014 :
    Please tag it with @Vikas aakhir is forum ka yahi to fayda hai and ho sakta hai ki koi sollution mil jaye aapko..

    its a reguller aproch by service centers in india even big company's service center r doing this they never treat costumers well he treat like they r the kings and we r the slaves.......

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    jags , Dec 3, 2014 :
    Well this was bound to happen.
    Exactly like xiaomi.
    God forbid somebody has a broken sim slot= unusable phone

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    vinothpl , Dec 3, 2014 :

    Whoa.. thats totally unacceptable man.. But am sure we can expects OP to come and say that they are sorry and that they are a startup , u know , their standard reply!

  17. Sush479
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    Sush479 , Dec 3, 2014 :
    That I understand
    But being unaware of the company Altogehter????
    That was the limit
    I wouldn't have made this long of a thread if the case was otherwise
    I mean manager says 'I have no idea of the company'

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    Sush479 , Dec 3, 2014 :
    I already have

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    nikhil_sakre , Dec 3, 2014 :
    Thanks for sharing ! Now feel less desperate for an invite..:cool: Hope your phone gets fixed soon..:) Please update all on this issue..

  20. apoorvthacker
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    apoorvthacker , Dec 3, 2014 :
    well we indians can be very ignorant :D

    i feel for you man! have some patience i am sure soon you will get your OPO repaired :)

    good luck