Explore with Google Lens on your mobile

  1. Fursan Afzal
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 17, 2019

    Fursan Afzal , Mar 17, 2019 :
    download an app.

  2. kktpsa
    Froyo Mar 18, 2019

    kktpsa , Mar 18, 2019 :
    Why is OnePlus making users to use google products recently, rather than creating their own new interesting apps? Google Duo, and now Lens...
    Everyone knows google is a biggest spyware giant and it keeps stealing all your private data all the time, and that's the reason OnePlus concept was developed initially.

    May be google(US secret services) managed to capture OnePlus through some financial venture. They knew its the most popular phone of India right now.

  3. quasimah
    Donut Mar 18, 2019

    quasimah , Mar 18, 2019 :
    So I have a Giant Panda living in my house haha but I call him Tintu (aka Lil T)

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  4. NaderShakhshir
    Eclair Mar 18, 2019

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  5. thebartz
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2019

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  6. nikitan19
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2019

    nikitan19 , Mar 18, 2019 :
    Tried Google lens for the first time and then I just couldn't stop! From spotting my baby Leo's breed perfectly, to spotting some antiques of my house like the Willow Pattern Crockery set and the Buckingham Palace soldier toy ! Google lens was totally on point! it even found Raja Ravi Varma paintings accurately! I loved that the result for the football squeaky wasn't a big football but a small football squeaky! I even found out what the Big Red Fire extinguisher things are called!








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  7. Saurav_Mahato
    Donut Mar 18, 2019

    Saurav_Mahato , Mar 18, 2019 :
    i placed the camera on front of my blanket and with google lens it show monarch butterfly wing.

  8. resc92
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2019

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  9. Neylan
    Eclair Mar 18, 2019

  10. the_o2
    Marshmallow Mar 19, 2019

    the_o2 , Mar 19, 2019 :
    Just used Google lens because I don't know much about the flowers

    Looks like it works but not 100% all the time .

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  11. panthimanshu
    Honeycomb Mar 19, 2019

    panthimanshu , Mar 19, 2019 :
    Long time back I was exploring the pro mode of OnePlus stock camera... I tried to experiment with long exposure for light painting. I did manage to draw good shape. When I tried to identify it with google lens it end up with good results.


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  12. BYG BYRD
    Honeycomb Mar 19, 2019

  13. BYG BYRD
    Honeycomb Mar 19, 2019

  14. Adi2002
    Froyo Mar 19, 2019

  15. Adi2002
    Froyo Mar 19, 2019

  16. nensmith
    Cupcake Mar 19, 2019

  17. Carman00
    Gingerbread Mar 19, 2019

  18. D1531844753797
    Cupcake Mar 19, 2019

  19. X1542122510386
    Cupcake Mar 19, 2019

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  20. X1542122510386
    Cupcake Mar 19, 2019