1. Kylynx Eclair Jul 1, 2019

    Kylynx, Jul 1, 2019 :
    This will override the current Oneplus Ambient Display.
    You can still go back to default 1+ Ambient Display by simply uninstalling the module.
    I am on Open Beta 13
    The method is simple if you follow my instructions.
    You need to have Exposed installed. If you don't know how to install it, head over to this link:


    After successfull installation, you will need to install 2 modules available from the Exposed Manager itself.

    1. GravityBox [P]
    2. [LL-O] Enable Ambient Display - Xposed

    After enabling those modules, restart your phone and follow these instructions.

    From your GravityBox:

    You have to go to
    >Advanced Tuning
    > Enable Master Switch
    > Reboot
    > Framework
    > Search for Always On Display
    > Check Override
    >Change value to true

    This will make the Ambient Display an Always On Display.
    The "in-display" fingerprint sensor works flawlessly.

    Note: The only bug happens if a non registered user touches the fingerprint, he might see the last screen you saw before turning off the screen FOR 1 SECOND.

    Lets say you turn off the screen on an app, ( Whatsapp for example). The guy might get a 1 second glance at your screen when he touches the fingerprint.
    But i always go homescreen before turning off the screen. So, for me its not a problem :)



    an Always on Display.
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