external microphone support for native camera & Instagram/Facebook Live

  1. DjSamOmol
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    DjSamOmol , Oct 11, 2018 :
    am a new OnePlus owner and new to the forums. Im a DJ and normally do instagram / facebook live shows with audio coming straight from an aux output on my dj mixer with independent volume control so that i can balance it clearly to mic level for the streaming audience. I've done this with my LG G2 (android kitkat) for years till i decided to upgrade to a OP5T (oreo) 2weeks ago.

    The Problem
    I try to perform a facebook or instagram live show, for this I use a TRRS adapter cable from StarTech ( https://www.startech.com/Cables/Aud...-35mm-Headset-Adapter-Male-to-Female~MUYHSMFF)
    I doesnt work with both either facebook or instagram or the native camera app. I used to be able to do this with my LG G2 by simply plugging in the cable in the headphone jack and it would work and it still does work from my test today so the cable and splitter are all ok.

    Tests I have tried (after considerable amount of googling)
    1. Downloaded open camera (which has the option to select external mic as an audio source) and it works perfectly for recording. it picks audio from my mixer. but this is only good for recording, as for my live stream situation, that still isnt solved since i believe that other third party apps like IG and FB pick "settings" from the native camera app, hence they still use the built in mic which doesnt cut it for my live shows.
    2. Tried setting open camera as the default camera app in settings but that didnt force fb and ig to pick external mic audio as open camera does.
    3. Tried recording audio only using Recorder app (which I believe is a default system app), and that works perfect, it picks the external audio/mic when TRRS connector is plugged in and uses internal mic when TRRS connector or headset is unplugged.

    so at this point my observation is the cable(s) work and the phone hardware is able to do this, but just not natively with the camera. so am sure this can be done in the native camera software.

    More Tests & Observations
    4. Tried connecting a soundcard via USB C OTG, the phone detected it as a headset and basically worked as tests 1,2 & 3 above. could get audio in via recorder and open camera but not with the native camera nor fb and ig.
    5. dialled *#808# then went to "mic test" and it picked the external audio from my dj mixer when the TRRS connector was connected, and picked internal audio when not connected. (i believe this is how the camera audio should behave also by default)
    6. noticed that when i plug in regular TRS earphones (without an inline mic) the icon on the status bar shows only headphones, and when i plug in earphones with an inline mic TRRS or my TRRS connector, the icon shows headphones with a mic, which means the phone can tell that an external mic is present...but not the camera :(
    7. Finally tried installing apps like Sound About (doesnt work in oreo, just crashes upon launch) and Lesser AudioSwitch which opens but doesnt force use of external mic on the native camera or IG and FB.

    IM STUCK!! anyone with ideas that i havent tried above please share.

    OnePlus please add a setting to enable the default camera to pick audio from external mics (when present) as i strongly believe that would make third party social apps to pick the same audio source as the built in camera app since these apps do rely heavily on the native camera app of the phone atleast in comparison to how my LG G2 behaves.

  2. fegone
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    fegone , Jul 17, 2019 :
    I have exactly the same problem. I've been using Open Camera for some interview videos, but the quality suck

    Please Oneplus!

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  3. DjSamOmol
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    DjSamOmol , Jul 17, 2019 :
    i never got a working reply for this, the closest i saw was someone said it worked on a oneplus 5 but after rooting and putting a custom rom, though i got a oneplus coz they are among the best in updates on Android side of things, so me rooting and getting a custom rom will defeat one of my main reasons for getting this phone.