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  1. javierpf
    Donut Dec 6, 2019

    javierpf , Dec 6, 2019 :
    With the “Face unlock” enabled, I still need to press the power button or double tap on the screen so that the phone opens the Home screen. Is there any combination of Settings to access the Home screen after lifting the phone from the table and putting it in front of my face? I mean, it could be a combined effect of "Pick up your phone to show" plus "Face unlock".


  2. Cosmos_NT
    Jelly Bean Dec 7, 2019

    Cosmos_NT , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 7, 2019 :
    Unfortunately, that's hardware based ( more or less ) if you see pixel 4, it does know when you're about to pick the device due to radar technology and thus if you pick, you would end up unlocking it too if face unlock is enabled.

    Still there can be one thing you might wanna give a try... that's an app called Tasker ( there are free and paid both version available on play store - now idk which one has this ability which I'm gonna describe now and also that it still supports Android 10), this app allows you to do a task based on triggers... for an instance, let's say you connect to your home wifi, then this automation app might start music player by turning on Bluetooth and connecting it to your sound system ! - well it's not that easy as I explained, you'd need to set too many parameters but after it's done you'd be free from some daily routine tasks.

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  3. javierpf
    Donut Dec 7, 2019

    javierpf , Dec 7, 2019 :
    Thanks, Cosmos_NT

  4. Cosmos_NT
    Jelly Bean Dec 7, 2019

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  5. javierpf
    Donut Dec 7, 2019

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