Factory Installed Screen Protector vs. OnePlus Purchased

  1. jlye834
    Eclair Dec 18, 2017

    jlye834 , Dec 18, 2017 :
    Hi everyone,

    Just got my new 5T on Saturday and have been loving it! I came from a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that was seeing its last days (battery life, lagginess, even with factory resets).

    Anyways, I noticed that the phone came pre-installed with some sort of screen protector. I bought a bundle that came with some cases as well as some screen protectors directly from OnePlus.

    Is it worth it to uninstall the factory installed screen protector to install the one I purchased? Is there any difference between the two?

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  2. Peketr
    Gingerbread Dec 18, 2017

    Peketr , Dec 18, 2017 :
    the factory installed is practice therefore protects from scratches but not at all from scratches. I have it on for about 3 weeks now and it is still great (e.g. not peeling away)

  3. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Dec 18, 2017

  4. A. Mack
    Gingerbread Dec 18, 2017

    A. Mack , Dec 18, 2017 :
    I immediately removed the plastic one that came on the phone and installed the glass one. If you drop your phone good, the glass will break. The question is, which glass? The screen protector or the screen?