Failed to send SMS messages

  1. C1575849148291
    Cupcake Jul 2, 2020

    C1575849148291 , Jul 2, 2020 :
    Case ID: 200702-000031

    My One+ 7T Pro Mclaren intermittently fails to send text messages. And fails to receive them at times as well. A reboot usually solves the problem for a while. I have spent nearly 6 hours on the phone with T-Mobile trying to resolve this problem. They have removed features from my T-Mobile account, multiple network resets, restored phone to factory settings and the opened 2 trouble tickets with their engineering team. We have turned off WiFi, turned off 5G and changed changed SIMs. T-Mobile has stated that through their research there is no problem with their network. Yet through all this, and I have probably forgotten some of the steps, I still have intermittent problems sending texts. T-Mobile did connect me to a OnePlus representative who said that an upcoming update might fix the problem and suggested that I post the problem here. For a flagship phone that cost nearly a thousand dollars I expect better. Please help. My son has the exact same phone and is having the exact same problem as well.