FAQ and Ultimate Guide for the OnePlus TV U1S

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    Venky61 , Jun 14, 2021 :

    Hey guys,
    Last week we have witnessed Tilen introducing us to the New OnePlus TV lineup which is the U1S. The way he showcased the features and specifications, I don’t think anyone can resist not upgrading their TVs ;) The OnePlus TV lovers have been always asking for a 65“ TV and it’s here too. The TVs are loaded with new features and my favorite has to be it’s seamless connectivity with the OnePlus Accessories.

    If you have not watched the launch event, then do check it out once... It's thoroughly entertaining

    Now though Tilen has explained almost everything during the launch event, I am sure that there will be still many unanswered questions. So this thread is to answer all those and also provide you will useful tutorials and updates info regularly. This place would be a one-stop for all U1S related info.

    Thanks to @Batman360 and @Yash Pratap Singh. for contributing to the thread. We have tried our level best to give the right information. If you find any discrepancies, please do let me know.

    Q: What are the size variants of OnePlus TV U1S?
    A: The OnePlus TV U1S is available in 50“, 55” and 65“ sizes.

    Q: What’s the price of OnePlus TV U1S?
    A: OnePlus TV 50U1S - 39,999/-
    OnePlus TV 55U1S - 47,999/-
    OnePlus TV 65U1S - 62,999/-
    Do note that the selling prices and offers may vary from time to time

    Q: Where can we buy the OnePlus TV U1S?
    A: The TV is available on OnePlus.in, Amazon and Flipkart.

    Q: What are the product specifications of the OnePlus TV U1S?
    A: Please find the detailed specifications here

    Q: What is the Android version of the new OnePlus TV U1S series TVs
    A: It’s Android 10

    Q: How are the 50“, 55” and 65“ U1S TVs different from each other
    A: Apart from the difference in Screen sizes, the 50“ and 55” TVs have a 2 Unit speaker setup where as the 65“ variant has a 4 unit speaker setup in which 2 are speakers and 2 are tweeters. Also the Input ports placement is slightly different but the total number of ports remain the same.

    Q: Can we Turn Off the Far- Field Mic on U1S TVs?
    A: Yes. There’s a slider at the bottom of the far-filed mic. Sliding left turns it off and the LED would turn to yellowish-orange color indicating that the mic is off.

    Q: Can we use google assistant from the remote’s mic if Far-filed is off?

    A: Yes. Both far-field and remote mic work independently.

    Q: Does the U1STV have Dolby Vision?

    A: No it doesn’t but it supports HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG.

    Q: What’s the Storage Space of U1S TVs?

    A: It’s 16GB out of which around 8GB would be available for installing the Apps.

    Q: Can we expand the storage of U1S TVs?

    A: Yes. You can follow this procedure to expand the internal storage of the TV

    Q: What are the dimensions of the OnePlus TV U1S?

    A: 65U1S
    a) With stand: 1.448m x 21.17cm x 88.82cm
    b) Without Stand: 1.448m x 7.88cm x 83.8cm

    a) With stand: 1.227m x 19.02cm x 76.68cm
    b) Without Stand: 1.227m x 7.3cm x 71.57cm

    a) With stand: 1.113m x 17.2cm x 70.1cm
    b) Without Stand: 1.113m x 7.23cm x 64.8cm

    Q: Does the U1S come with a wall-mount included in the box?

    A: Yes. Both the Wall Mount Bracket and the Table Top stand are included inside the box for all size variants.

    Q. Is the OnePlus TV U1S compatible for Video Calling?

    A. Yes. You can do video calls from Google Duo App. There’s also Jami and Trueconf apps available on the TV Play Store through which one can make video calls.

    Q: Is the Web camera included with U1S TVs?

    A: No. The OnePlus Web camera is sold separately for Rs. 2.499/-. You can buy it from here.

    Q: How many devices can we cast using Multi Cast?

    A: A maximum of 2 devices can be casted together with Multi cast.

    Q: How to check battery % of remote?

    A: You can find the batteries % at Settings< Accessories & Remote< Remote< 1+TV Remote<Battery Level

    Q: Why am I not able to find many apps in the Play Store?

    A: The limitation is from the App Developer to be exact. Majority of the apps are designed for Phones. Android TV OS is specifically designed for Large Screens/TVs, thus the app has to be re-configured to match this platform. That is the reason there's a different Play Store. It is suggested to ask/request the individual app developer for the support.

    Q: Does the TV come with a Browser?

    A: There is no default browser installed. You can install 3rd party browser like Jio Pages or Puffin TV. Personally I find Jio Pages the best optimised for TV screen. Google Chrome and Firefox can be side-loaded if required but the performance might not be optimized for the TV usage.

    Q: Does the U1S TV support Dolby Atmos?

    A: The Internal Speaker of U1S doesn’t support Dolby Atmos but supports Dolby Digital +. Whereas if you connect a Dolby Atmos Soundbar or Soundsystem through eARC, you will be getting Dolby Atmos Output.

    Q: How to install Apps that are not available on Play Store?

    A: You can sideload the apps by following this method

    Q: How to Screen Mirror your phone?
    The screen mirroring can be activated by three different ways.
    A. Search for Screen Cast/Mirroring in your Phone Settings and select 1+ TV in the available devices.
    B. Inside Connect App, open profile and select Mirror Cast (single device) or Multi-cast (two devices)
    C. Install google Home App and connect 1+TV in devices. Go to profile in Home App and select casting and chose 1+ TV in the devices.

    Q: What all Apps support Dolby Audio with Internal Speaker?

    A: Dolby Audio output will be available only if the App supports or has content that’s Dolby Audio. Right now in the OTT apps available, only Sun Nxt has content with Dolby Audio that works with Internal Speakers. Other than that, you can Dolby Audio files from the File Manager or use a DTH service that supports Dolby Audio to experience it on the Internal Speakers.

    Q: While watching content, the audio volume is low. Why?

    A: This is because the content you are playing may be set to 5.1 audio. Go to the content audio setting and select stereo audio option instead of 5.1 to fix this issue.

    Q: Which Phones support Connect App?

    A: All the Android and iOS devices support Connect App. It can be downloaded from the respective App store.
    Click here for Android Phones
    Click here for iOS Devices

    Q: Can we Screen-mirror iPhone to the OnePlus U1S TV?

    A: Yes...You can follow this procedure for mirroring iPhone screen to the U1S TV.

    Q: Does the OnePlus TV U1S work with Alexa/ Echo Dot?

    A: Yes. The TV can be connected to Alexa by following this procedure. It’s same as 55U1

    Q: As the OnePlus TV U1S has HDMI 2.1, does it have ALLM, VRR or 120hz support?

    A: The TV has a game picture mode that automatically switches ON when a gaming console is connected to turn off all the extra picture processing features of the TV and provide latency-free gaming experience which is essentially ALLM. But the TV doesn’t support 120Hz refresh rate or Variable Refresh Rate

    Q: Can the Power LEDs and Far-Field mic LEDs turned off?

    A: No. The LEDs cannot be turned off. The Power LEDs turn off only when you turn off the power source. However, the 4 circular LEDs in the middle are on - only when Google Assistant is activated or the Mic is in ‘off’ state.

    Q: How is the OnePlus TV 55U1S different from OnePlus TV 55U1 released last year?

    A: The major differences being that the last year’s 55U1 supports Dolby Vision above the HDR formats, also supports Dolby Atmos with Internal Speakers and runs on Android TV 9... Where as the latest OnePlus TV 55U1S runs on Android TV 10, has inbuilt far-field mic for Hands-free control and latest OnePlus TV specific features like File Transfer, Kids mode remote, Buds Quick pairing etc. Also, the 55U1 has ARC via HDMI 1, while the 55U1S has eARC (enhanced-ARC) via HDMI 1.

    Q: Does the OnePlus TV U1S remote have Type C Charging?

    A: No. The OnePlus TV U1S remote works on 2 AAA batteries which will be included inside the box.

    Q: What is the function of NFC on the OnePlus U1S remote?

    A: Currently, the NFC on the remote has no function. However, some planned features may be added via future updates.

    Q: Does the OnePlus TV U1S has a headphone jack?

    A: No. It only supports Audio devices to be connected by HDMI eARC, Bluetooth (5.0) and Optical Cable.

    Q: Can we use the OnePlus TV U1S as a Bluetooth Speaker?

    A: Yes, the OnePlus TV can be used as a Bluetooth Speaker. To do this, simply pair your mobile phone’s BT to the TV from Settings< Remote & Accessories < Add accessory and that’s it - your TV’s speaker will act as a Bluetooth speaker. From next time, you can just connect the TV from Phone's BT and the BT stereo app will automatically open to play the audio that's on the Phone.

    Q: How to connect an old Sound System to the OnePlus TV that doesn’t have HDMI ARC, Optical or BT?

    A: You can use a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) and connect the Sound system to the TV. The output will be only stereo and not Multi-channel. You can check this video for knowing how to do it

    Q: How to open and view PDF and document files on the OnePlus TV?

    A: The inbuilt file manager doesn’t support document formats, however, there are several file explorers available for download which can do that. FX File Explorer is one of the best- it can be installed from TV’s Play Store.

    Q: How to transfer files from phone to OnePlus TV U1S?

    A: To transfer files stored on phone to the OnePlus TV U1S, follow the steps-
    1. Make sure to keep the Phone and TV on the same Network.
    2. Open Connect App and make sure that your TV is online and connected to the app.
    3. Click on the TV icon in the top right corner (Connected Devices).
    4. Click on the TV Image/Screenshot or ‘connected’ written below it.
    5. From the new menu that opens, select ‘File Transfer’ and then choose the type of file and click on tick button to transfer (max 200 MB).
      Do note that the file transfer feature on Connect App only supports Photo, Video and Audio files.
    You can download ‘Send Files to TV’ app from Play Store on phone and TV to transfer any file from your phone’s internal storage to the TV.

    Q: My TV is delivered, how to raise the installation request?

    A: After delivery, for installation, you should place a service request on the OnePlus Care App by the following steps-
    1. Download OnePlus Care app by clicking here
    2. Find Serial number on the box of the TV and register your TV on the app (optional)
    3. Raise an Installation request
    4. A service number will be given and a technician will be assigned
    1. Call OnePlus CS on the Hotline Number 18001028411
    2. Select OnePlus TV as an option through IVR
    3. Provide your order details and request for installation.
    The FAQ will be updated regularly and all the new reviews, Tips & Tricks to make the most out of the TV and relevant information regarding software updates will be posted here. So stay tuned.

    If you have any additional questions that are not answered here, do post as a reply in the thread and will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

    Also, do share your thoughts about the New OnePlus TV U1S. Do you think the TV has everything you wanted or do you feel anything could have been better?

    PS: There's an AMA thread where you can ask questions to @Todd W. who is the Product Manager of the TV. Head over to this Thread and you can ask some interesting questions about the decision they took for the U1S.
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    Tips & Tricks
    If you already bought the OnePlus TV U1s, we have curated some Tips & Tricks that can improve your usage experience

    Suggested Apps:
    • E-Manual: It’s a pre-installed app on TV, which will help the user to learn more features about the OnePlus U1S TV. You can even say it’s a guide book. You can access it by long-pressing the “Home” button on the remote and selecting the E-manual app.
    • Aerial Live Screensaver App: Aerial Live screensaver is an app available on TV’s Play Store which has beautiful live aerial shots in 4K resolution. It can dynamically change the sceneries according to the local timing too. And when used on the almost bezels less U1S, it feels life like for some scenes.
    • Jio Pages Browser: Jio Page is the best internet browser available on TV Play Store. It has a simple and easy to use interface, and offers different modes of browsing - Private, Focus and Normal mode. You can even access Airtel Xstream site on this and enjoy Live TV content if you are a Airtel Xstream user. The experience isn’t the best for Xstream, but it’s the only browser which can play.
    • Send Files to TV App: This app is clearly the most helpful app for sharing files to the TV. It has a simple UI and supports the transfer of all type of files and also, works really well with great transfer speeds. Install the App on your TV and Phone to seamlessly transfer the files across.
    • FX File Explorer: The TV’s pre-loaded file manager is good, but doesn’t show internal storage files except photos, videos and audio. After using several downloaded File Managers from Play Store, we find the FX File Explorer as the best file manager as it has support for almost all document types and has a window feature too. This app is absolutely necessary if you often share documents or other files which are not supported by file manager of the TV.

    Picture Settings:
    • Picture Modes: There are different picture modes under the picture settings to choose from: Standard, AI Picture, Vivid, Eye comfort, Movies, HDR10+, Sports, etc. HDR10+ mode is suitable for watching HDR content. Eye Comfort mode reduced the backlight to 70 from 100, so it can be suitable for night usage, Movies mode has most of the advanced features turned off to keep the picture profiles close to the source and it also has warmer color temperature and AI PQ is an intelligent Picture preset that controls the parameters based on the type of source.
    • Ultra-Smooth Motioning: This feature helps to reduce the blur or ghosting in the videos. This feature is also known as MEMC. You can find this feature under: Settings > Picture > Picture mode > More settings > Ultra smooth motioning. You can set it to Off, Low, Medium and High according to their need. While watching sports or action scenes when this feature is set to High, the viewing experience becomes amazing.
    • Digital Noise Reduction: This feature is present under the picture settings, which helps to reduce the noise in picture present in the content that you are viewing, giving you clear and crisp video quality.
    • Color Temperature: This can be found under picture setting and with the help of this feature user can change the color temperature of the screen according to the lighting conditions in the room, for example: if you are watching TV with lights off, you can protect your eyes by turning the color temperature of the screen to warm. You can even set it to Normal or Cool or even adjust it according to you viewing need.
    • Color Tuner: If you find any particular colors to be slightly off to your taste, you can use the Color Tuner option in picture settings to change the hue, saturation and brightness of the particular color.
    • If you want to know in detail about the picture settings of the OnePlus TV, you can have a look at the picture setting guide I prepared to explain all the parameters in detail.

    Sound Settings:
    • Sound Modes: There are different sound modes available under sound settings such as: Surround sound, Standard, Clarity and User customizable, for the user to select according to the content they are viewing, such as music, movies, shows, news, etc. Standard sounds the best of all the presets, at least on the 65U1S.
    • Audio Delay: If you find any delay in the Audio output in HDMI connections or BT, you can use this setting to tweak and adjust to remove the delay or sync issues.
    • Sound Output: If you are using an external Speaker with the TV, change the Soundoutput to the suitable mode for better sound. For HDMI ARC connections, use HDMI ARC< RAW, where as for Optical Cable connections use Optical <RAW.
    Software Features:
    • Smart Volume Control: Forget the times when you had to manually lower the volume or mute the TV everytime when you received a phone call, the OnePlus TV automatically lowers the volume to 10 with the help of this feature, so that you don’t have to manually reduce it. Head over to Connect App and turn on this Feature in Profile<Settings.
    • Auto-Connect OnePlus earbuds: This feature shows a dialogue box at the top with option to connect to the TV, whenever you open the case of your OnePlus TWS. This settings is available in Settings< Personalize. So, make sure to keep it toggled ON.
    • Input Source Memory: If you are a user who uses the TV mostly for set-top box, then opening source settings and choosing the required input source everytime may be inconvenient - so, the OnePlus TV has ‘Input Source Memory’ which, when enabled, opens the TV at the same source as it was before shutting down, so that you don’t have to change source everytime you open the TV.
    • Sleep/Power Off Timer: If you are watching a movie and feel that you might sleep in halfway and worried that the TV could stay ON all night, just set the sleep/power off timer on the TV/Connect App and sleep peacefully, as the TV will shut itself off, when the timer hits 0.
    • Casting: For casting, it's suggested to use a Wi-Fi router and not Mobile Hotspot as the bandwidth required won't be sufficient from the phone.
    • Data Saver Plus: Worried that the 4K content is eating up all your data and you don’t find any option to change resolution in the OTT app? The Data SaverPlus option allows you to limit the data usage and plays contents in lower picture quality by default.
    • Red Cable Club: If you are an existing member of the Red Cable Club, you can link the TV to your account and claim 1000 redcoins. For RCC Pro members, this amount is doubled to 2000 redcoins. Add your OnePlus Account in the TV if you haven’t already from Settings<Accounts<Oneplus and link the Device.

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    Tokolozi , Jun 14, 2021 :
    Will this disconnect the microphone hardware r is it just a software switch?

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    Thanks for bringing this FAQ and Ultimate Guide for the OnePlus TV U1S @Venky61
    This will indeed clear a lot of the general doubts of our community :D

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    Too bad, I prefer having an actual hardware block on these things for users to use.

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    Venky61 , Jun 14, 2021 :
    Thank you all... Yea, hopefully there will be less questions floating around in the forum :)
    @Yash Pratap Singh. What's the most worthy feature according to you?

    Any particular reason? That software is unreliable?

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    Tokolozi , Jun 14, 2021 :
    Depends on the implementation, and I've seen a lot of "dumb" implementation.
    Did you know that on a lot of laptops, the LED that tells you the camera is being used, is actually not directly connected to the camera hardware. As in it uses a different set of IO pins to be illuminated. In practice this means, someone will mall intent can make it look like the webcam is off while using it.

    Same goes for microphones. I prefer the mute switch to actually turn off the microphone hardware. not that I use it often, but it's a bit more reassuring.

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    Venky61 , Jun 14, 2021 :
    True... One limitation with hardware method as I see is that if the switch/slider is gone, there will be no way to turn it off as there's no software implementation for it. Slider to be replaced. Where as in software method, a toggle in settings can also do the same IMO.
    Anyway, I am not so sure about whether the slider is hardcoded to mic or is it as Yash said. Will confirm once with the team.

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    Well drawbacks an positives too all, but don't underestimate the durability of a switch ;)

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    Venky61 , Jun 14, 2021 :
    Ha ha..True... Let's hope that switch is a durable as the Alert Slider ;)

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    Thanks @Venky61 for the detailed FAQ's.👍
    Very well answered by you. 👌

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