[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about OP2 Accessories

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    gusuraman , Jul 9, 2015 :
    This thread will collects all question (and answers) that i can find about OnePlus 2 (only) accessories.

    For OPO and more generic questions refer to this thread:
    [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about Accessories

    This is just an initial sketch with pre-release

    I'm going to add more questions (need time to dig the forum to find the answers:p). If you wish to add anything related that i missed feel free to bring it to my attention:)

    What StyleSwap are available for the OP2? (Aug 1st)
    There are 5 available materials
    From left to right: Sandstone Black, Bamboo, Rosewood, Black Apricot and Kevlar®

    OnePlus is currently asking our suggestions for additional materials.
    See here for details: StyleSwap Covers for the OnePlus 2
    What the pins on the StyleSwap back? (Sep 11th)
    Those pins are there to recognize which StyleSwap is mounted.
    Right now only the Chinese version of the OP2 support it (thanks to the HydrogenOS).

    Which accessories are included in the OP2 box? (Aug 12th)
    Will the OP2 include headphones in the package? (Aug 1st)
    The OnePlus 2 box doesn't include headphones.​

    How long will be the USB cable? (Aug 4th)
    The cable is 1m long​

    Can I use the the USB Type-C connector with my other devices? (Aug 1st)
    The Type-C connector shape isn't backwards compatible.
    You will need an adapter (not provided out of the box) to convert Type-C to Micro-USB.​

    Will the power bank work with the Type-C cable? (July 17th)
    The power bank output is the old type A connector so you can use the cable supplied with the phone.
    The power input is a normal Micro-USB so if you want to charge the power bank with a type C cable you need an adapter.​

    Things may change if/when they release anew power bank with type C support.
    Why the official Silicon Case doesn't fit properly? (Sep 20th)
    The Silicon Case is meant to replace the SandStone or any other StyleSwap.
    In order to properly install the Silicon Case you need to remove the back cover.
    Will my cover fit the StyleSwap? (Sep 20th)
    The Silicon Case will not fit any StyleSwap (including the SandStone).
    The hard Protective Case will perfectly fits only the SandStone back cover. If you have a different StyleSwap you need to replace it with the original Sandstone​

    What about wireless charging? (Aug 1st)
    Probably the OP2 will not support it.
    It's have not been confirmed yet but it's clear that OnePlus don't believe that this technology is efficient enough.

    The OP2 doesn't support wireless charging.​
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    gusuraman , Jul 9, 2015 :
    Will we see the StyleSwap covers for the OP2? (July 10th)
    A very old official post suggested that OnePlus is planning the OP2 StyleSwap since the very beginning:​
    In the more recent Reddit AMA this have been confirmed and now we know that there will be 5 versions available from launch:eek::
    Styleswaps! thanks @Waterdroid

    Which third party manufacturers will support the OnePlus 2?
    (Aug 6th)
    It impossible to give a certain answer to this question before the phone launch.​

    A safe guess is that all the brands available for the OPO will be available for the OP2.
    More details for the the following brands:

    Evolutive Labs (RhinoShield):

    • Premium Tempered Glass screen protector
    • Crystal Clear screen protector
    Casebase Tempered glass for OP2 on sale!!!

    • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    • FIlm Screen Protector
    • Car charger
    • Exec Armor case
    • Fusion Bumper
    • Multi Functional Wallet Case
    • FlexyCase
    • FlexySlim
    • InvisibleCase


    OtterBox already produced a dual layer (TPU-PC) tough cover. It will be available to purchase the day one (not on the OnePlus store)

    • Ringke Fusion
    • Film Screen protector
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    This will be THE thread. I can feel it @gusuraman. ! *watched*

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    I hope so;) hopefully at least until the launch will avoid some duplicate thread:p

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    I hope so:) Feel free to use it as merging collector ;)

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    Please do also the 'reviews of accessories' thread again:rolleyes:

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    I'm preparing mentally for that:p

    @rikardo1979 already prepared a thread to collect the reviews, but I don't know if he will list there all reviews same way I'm doing for the OPO.
    Once there will be some reviews we will se:)

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    Will there be cases for the OP2 at launch? I know some case manufactures get phones ahead of time to make cases available at launch.

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    It's the number that appear in the link to your profile

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    Orzly already listed accessories for the OP2 and says available on 27th. But i'm not sure if they will really be able to release that date. Also probably the OP2 will not yet available.

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    All depends if they will supply either a cad drawing or a sample phone to the case manufacturers before the launch. But i doubt.
    My guess is that we will wait at least 2/3 weeks before to see something.