Sound [FAQ] OnePlus 6T DAC & Amp Specs

  1. StealthEye95
    Eclair Dec 12, 2018

    StealthEye95 , Dec 12, 2018 :
    Hi there,

    So I have a few questions for which I cannot find definitive substantiated answers.
    1. Onboard DAC & Amp chip specs for the 6T? Part of SD845? Model number of chip etc?
    2. How does cable audio work with the USB-C port and lack of headphone? Pass-through from SD845 DAC? Included dongle passive? Dongle has own DAC etc?
    3. Any way of identifying specs myself? An app?
    From the looking around online I simply cannot find a definitive answer that is substantiated with documentation and facts. This information will definitely be of use.


  2. Ohalfie
    Froyo Dec 12, 2018

    Ohalfie , Dec 12, 2018 :
    Why will this info be "of use" for? I mean I plug in my headset and play my music. If it sounds good, I'm all good. Other than tweaking the EQ nothing more your could do anyway.

  3. StealthEye95
    Eclair Dec 20, 2018

    StealthEye95 , Dec 20, 2018 :
    From an audiophile and DJ point of view, it's very useful to know so you can ensure you get the best quality you can out of the device.

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  4. sanchitrai
    Cupcake Jan 17, 2019

    sanchitrai , Jan 17, 2019 :
    HI There,
    I'm also seeking some advice and explanation on the audio quality out of the DAC in 6T. Though i like the phone, I'm so far very disappointed with the audio performance. The dynamic range seems very compressed, muddy highs and lows, and overall very grainy sound. I've disable the DIRAC app but it doesn't make much of a difference. The built-in presets with the DIRAC HD sound are just terrible. Even my old cheap LG -k20 sounds much better with the same set of Bose headphones. Does anyone have any idea how can i improve my listening experience?

  5. Weverette
    Eclair Feb 2, 2019

    Weverette , Feb 2, 2019 :
    What music app and Audio source are you guys using? I use Everything from Google Play Music, to Tidal Masters, to FLAC and DSD are sounding great here via Sony wH-H900N headphones (wired and wireless). And I don't use the built in audio tuner at all.

  6. JuAnCaStRoP
    Gingerbread Feb 2, 2019

  7. pvilarinho
    Gingerbread Apr 9, 2019

    pvilarinho , Apr 9, 2019 :
    I love the way you separate audiophile from DJ.[e]1f61c[/e]

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  8. pvilarinho
    Gingerbread Apr 9, 2019

    pvilarinho , Apr 9, 2019 :
    I use Poweramp and the Amazon music app with my jabra elite 65t and klipsch r6i and I wouldn't mind to increase the volume on the jabras while on the Amazon app without having to root but still haven't found a way...

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  9. StealthEye95
    Eclair Jul 29, 2019

    StealthEye95 , Jul 29, 2019 :
    I have a major issue with this post. There is no way that OnePlus put an additional DAC right by the USB-C port. That makes no sense from an design and price point of view. What people are trying to say is that the OnePlus supports both active and passive dongles in that if you plug in a passive one like the one you get in the box, the DAC on the SD 845 SoC is used and analog audio signal passed through to the dongle and output aux port. If an active one is used, the digital audio signal is passed through for conversion to happen on the dongle's DAC. I'm happy to be corrected if in fact I misunderstand how it all works.

    Side note: I love how there is still no concrete spec info on the DAC Chipset used. From what I can see it's whatever SD use in the 845.
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  10. StealthEye95
    Eclair Jul 29, 2019

    StealthEye95 , Jul 29, 2019 :
    The two can be mutually exclusive in my opinion.

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  11. pvilarinho
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2019

    pvilarinho , Jul 30, 2019 :
    most definitely, do you know any audiophile DJ?! I don't and I don't think they even exist.[e]1f609[/e]

  12. Chinaroad
    Honeycomb Jul 30, 2019

    Chinaroad , Jul 30, 2019 :
    I use to DJ, and i own a OP6, the jack is not suffisant to correctly drive my Sennheiser HD25 (70 ohm) and my pioneer HDJX-5. I bought recently the Hidizs Sonata (a dongle with dac) and i can say there is alooot of improvment. even if bfore buying it i was using V4A and it was a little bit better that stock but with this dongle i cas say it's alot better, in term of volume and quality. I don't get distortion too at high volume.

  13. Kranthi Kiran A
    Cupcake Aug 19, 2019