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  1. David S.
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 27, 2014

    David S. , Oct 27, 2014 :
    For all of you who are trying to pre-order the One today, here's a quick FAQ we have put together with some of the most common questions we've seen on Social Media.

    What do I do if two orders were placed and charged under my account while I only meant to place one?
    Once orders are in your store account (within 24 hours from placing the order), you have the option to cancel any orders placed.

    Why didn’t I receive an order confirmation email?
    If you have yet to receive a confirmation email, don’t worry, you will receive it after pre-orders close.

    Who is Ivan Taninvite?
    Ivan is our test name. If this appeared during your order, rest assured that you were not shown incorrect information nor was your order placed twice. Your information was securely submitted with your order and you will receive a confirmation email very soon.

    Why isn’t your page loading?
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Our team is working hard to support all the traffic.

    My payment went through on PayPal, but I did not receive any information in my OnePlus account?
    Please rest assured that if your payment was submitted, your order has been placed successfully It take some time for the details to show up on your OnePlus account. Please check back in the upcoming hours and throughout the day.

    Why does my PayPal transaction history states “no address provided”?
    Your shipping address has been correctly stored in our database. Your order will be ship out to the correct address.

    Can I change my shipping address?
    Once the pre-order closes, you can change your shipping address – it has to be the same name and same country - in your store account up until we’re ready to ship.

    Why does PayPal show my transaction as “Pending”?
    This is normal. Your PayPal order will be "Pending" until your pre-order is ready to ship. Once your order shows up in your store account, you will be able to modify your address or cancel the order. Don't worry, we will let you know another email before your order ships!

    To those who took time out of their busy Mondays to pre-order the One, we thank you for your patience and support.

    For those unable to order due to site problems, time constraints or just frustration, we're very sorry and will open another pre-order soon.

    We're reviewing and analyzing how to avoid these issues for next time. We'll post a report and more details on the next pre-order tomorrow.
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  2. Hanson Lee
    Marshmallow Oct 27, 2014

  3. DRCH
    Marshmallow Oct 27, 2014

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  4. why
    Honeycomb Oct 27, 2014

    why , Oct 27, 2014 :
    nice..the only thing stopping is the 4-6 weeks of delivery..

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  5. abhibhan89
    KitKat Oct 27, 2014

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    Oct 27, 2014

  7. teqnix
    Lollipop Oct 27, 2014

    teqnix , Oct 27, 2014 :
    The forum is back! :)
    Could you give an update on the new accessories?
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  8. Safiy
    Froyo Oct 27, 2014

    Safiy , Oct 27, 2014 :
    What about those who want to but the accessories at the lower price and not the entire unit??

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  9. jeevakau
    Honeycomb Oct 27, 2014

  10. julien.longo
    Eclair Oct 27, 2014

  11. martinwicker
    Cupcake Oct 27, 2014

    martinwicker , Oct 27, 2014 :
    can i cancel an order before shipment and how will i know it is about to be shipped?

  12. darklune
    Donut Oct 27, 2014

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  13. darklune
    Donut Oct 27, 2014

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    Community Veteran Oct 27, 2014

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    Gingerbread Oct 27, 2014

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    Lollipop Oct 27, 2014

  18. niemancj
    Honeycomb Oct 27, 2014

    niemancj , Oct 27, 2014 :
    I wish I knew about the limited stock of the JBL earphones, or else I'd have prepped my pre-order at the outset. :-/

  19. manosome
    Jelly Bean Oct 27, 2014

  20. parthmakkar
    Cupcake Oct 27, 2014

    parthmakkar , Oct 27, 2014 :
    I placed my order but received an error. I did not see the pre order placed screen but money has been taken from my paypal. Hopefully according to the FAQs my order has been placed!

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