[Featured Story] Finding Life Through Photos: Meet 15-Year-Old Elliott

  1. Adam Krisko
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    Adam Krisko , Apr 9, 2021 :

    Hey everyone,

    Sometimes stories hit you right in the feels, case in point, the story of Elliott that was shared with us a little while back.

    It started with a tweet back in 2019, when Rob “@theautismdad” Gorski described how his son, Elliott (on the Autism Spectrum), had found a love for shooting life and nature around him. Pete saw the tweet, and we reached out to Rob to hear a bit more about Elliott’s story. Since then, we’ve kept up with Rob and his family and are honored to dedicate the very first edition of our new space, Featured Stories (formerly the Blog), to Elliott.

    Check out Elliott’s story HERE, and then let us know if his pictures make you smile as much as they did for us.

    BTW, do you or know someone who has had an inspirational OnePlus experience? We’d love to write more featured stories covering the lives of users making a difference. Share it down below and we’ll give it a read.

  2. hennes
    YaImCo Developer Apr 9, 2021

    hennes , Apr 9, 2021 :
    Great story of Rob and his son Elliott.
    It is important in life to always do what makes you happy, because only if you are happy yourself, you can make others smile and make them happy.
    So on this way, keep up the good work Elliott, great pictures and keep doing what you like, then everything in life will be easier.

    Thanks @Adam Krisko for sharing the story

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    Starcommander , Apr 10, 2021 :
    I had one. But it is too long to type.

    In short, I was admitted to hospital for 6 months. My only companion was OnePlus 3. Doctors would pay me a visit daily for 30 minutes and it was enough to juice up my phone. OnePlus 3 became my constant companion during the darkest hours.

  11. Z1616930976849
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    Z1616930976849 , Apr 10, 2021 :
    I totally understand what this person's coming from it's a great method of releasing some stress and refining yourself I actually try to use it as a send situation where I go around taking pictures of things I love

  12. AprilParrish , via OnePlus Nord N10 5G T-Mobile , Apr 10, 2021 :
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    Yet another fact to if taught the way than given whatever it's then one could achieve in soaring to higher heights.
    Kudos Elliot to your flight as to fly high like an eagle.
    Hello to you for I am April Parrish
    Cupcake 🧁, April 2021
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    keithnyc , Apr 10, 2021 :

    Yes, I remember this! So beautiful. What a great story...Thank you so much for sharing....We are lucky to have Elliot as part of this community.
    @theautismdad Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, your amazing talents and your beautiful, inspirational family. Your love for them shows through your pictures and words.

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    Newkirk , Apr 11, 2021 :
    I've been told a few times that I should write a book on my life,,, I always said I would think about it.. ..

    Here a start tho.. I guess..

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