Features one plus smartwatch must get asap

  1. jimmmysil
    Honeycomb Apr 14, 2021

    jimmmysil , Apr 14, 2021 :
    As I read around reviewers are very unhappy with the one plus smartwatch because the software is not on par with the competition although the hardware is good! So since software is something that can easily change I expect one plus to deliver as soon as possible at least these features which are popular amongst smart watches! We Support you with our purchases and our pre orders and we expect from you guys to do the same!

    1. Always On Display, although it might have a negative impact on battery life we want the choice to be ours, give us the ability to turn on and off this feature according to our needs. In my opinion having a great amoled screen without always on display is a gimmicky!

    2. Expand the 3d party apps support integration. As I read around one plus watch is only supporting 4-5 apps please expand this list at least to the most popular play store apps like viber, gmail, google messages, sms apps etc.

    3. Give us the ability to expand the notifications so we can read the actual notification and not only the title of a message or an email.

    4. Give us the ability to write our own quick responses and send them to someone that called us or to someone that texted us via messagea.or an app.

    5. More watch faces! Although this is not something urgent in my opinion, more watch faces will make this smartwatch to fit in more occasions!

    Let's make this thread huge so the developers will notice it! I will edit the main post with more ideas if requested by many repliers!
    What's a smartwatch without actual smart features?
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